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The Dream Island That Chris Burch Owns Rated World’s Best Hotel Resort

What would you picture the world’s best hotel and resort to look like? If you guessed a place out in the South Pacific with white sand beaches and villas that were built among the trees with the most creative designs with linen curtains opening up your window to the freshest of air, then you certainly have matched the description of Nihiwatu Resort. This hotel resort was recently rated as the “World’s Best Hotel” by Business Insider and it’s all thanks to the work that Chris Burch’s creative mind put into it. Burch and his friend Tim McBride bought the property in 2013 and turned it into a dream place with more amenities and amazing scenery than it had had before. He also bought a house on the island overlooking the property that he visits at certain times of the year. This investment was over 40 years in the making for Burch.  More about this “World’s Best Hotel” in this link on

Chris Burch started his business career out as the founder of Eagle Eye Apparel. This company came from a small business that he and his brother were running in college where they would sell sweaters from a local factory door-to-door and make $5 in profit with each sale. As customers wanted more and more of these sweaters, Burch saw his profits steadily increase until he had enough cash to buy his own factory and hire employees. Refer to for additional reading.  Eagle Eye Apparel made hundreds of millions in sales and was eventually sold for a great price. Burch then started turning his attention to venture capital investing and bought shares in the Internet Capital Group and other telecom companies like Aliph and Powermat. He also owned part of the Tory Burch fashion brand.

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He started Burch Creative Capital in 2008 as a place where unusual ideas could take root and receive funding. Some of the startups that have been seeded here include C. Wonder, Voss Water, Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, BaubleBar and Actua. Burch got into the hospitality and vacation property investment niche in 2004 when he became a partner of Alan Faena and the Buenos Aires Faena Hotel+Universe resort and later followed with a condo purchase as part of the Faena House. Burch also bought a $14 million property in Southampton followed by several others across the Northeast that were then renovated and resold for millions. Have a glimpse to an entrepreneur’s getaway, hit on

In addition to his real estate and startup investments, Burch has served on the boards of several organizations including Guggenheim Partners, The Continuum Group and the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

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