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Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist, Clothing Mogul, and Real Estate Investor, Chris Burch knows how to bring success to the resort world with his 5-star, Nihi Sumba Island Resort

Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, clothing mogul, and real estate investor who has accomplished quite a lot in business. Burch got his start in entrepreneurship while as an undergraduate student at Ithaca College in 1976. He invested $2,000 dollars with his brother, Bob, to found a clothing company called Eagle’s Eye apparel. Eagle’s Eye was able to grow to $164 million, before being sold to the Swire Group (

But Burch has also been involved in great things when it comes to business ventures involving resorts, especially ones like Nihiwatu. The Nihiwatu resort began as a project involving a hostel that Burch, along with business partner and hotelier, James McBride, procured on Sumba, an Indonesian island in 2012. Spending 30 Million in renovations on a hostel in Indonesian, which was once owned by a couple from New Jersey, may have been considered risky venture to some. However, in Burch’s case, it turned out to be an impressive business endeavor. Branded with the name, Nihiwatu, or “mortar stone,” it opened for business as a 5-star resort in 2015.  Over the last few years, the resort has received many accolades. The resort also received a slight name change from Nihiwatu to Nihi Sumba Island, recently.

Voted by Travel + Leisure as the best hotel in the world in 2016, and garnering a number one ranking in 2017, Nihi Sumba Island is considered an eco-friendly resort, with the “people of Sumba” receiving a great reputation by resort-goers for their “warm and wonderful” demeanors. Busch’s resort was noted as being the largest employer for the locals on Sumba Island. A percentage of Burch’s profits from Nihi Sumba go to the Sumba Foundation, a non-profit organization that finances specific initiatives that provides aid and support to the local community.

Burch noted that his investment in Sumba Island in 2015 was actually intended to be for his children (   The other intent by Burch was to make sure that a piece of the island could be preserved and that they could give back to the local community. Nihi Sumba Island consists of 20 plus private villas. One of them, Raja Mendaka, is Busch’s private living space, which contains a main house, and four additional villas, each containing a “plunge pool.” In addition to “plunge pools,” there are two-story tree houses on the resort. The main treehouse provides a private infinity pool and a large living area.

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Chris Burch as an Outstanding Investors in Hotels

Chris Burch is a billionaire investor. In 2012, h bought a little –know surf resort in Indonesia Island of Sumba. He then invested thirty million USD and three years developing and renovating this asset. This property as developed to a five-star Nihi Resort which was then reopened under the guideline of the legendary hotelier in conjunction with the creative marketer James McBride. It was just a year later that this resort boomed and became the top travel and leisure prestigious list of the 100 best hotels worldwide. The publication readers Voted Nihi as the leading hotel in the world in the year 2016 and 2017. Nihi resort has gained several awards form other publications inclusive of Conde Nast Traveler and the Telegraph. Read more about this successful resort, click on

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Chris Burch stands to be the magnate behind his former wife Tory’s successful fashion label. Chris Burch is also the founder of C. Wonder which sells apparel as well as home décor items to consumers on QVC directly. It was through his research and analysis team at Burch Creative Capital that he managed to invest in Little Duck Organics and technological brands which incorporates NextJump, Powermat as well as Jawbone. Related article on

Chris Burch invested in the Faena Hotel as well as in Buenos Aires around 10 years later. The Faena Hotel was being spurred by the fashion designer Alan Faena as well as industrial designer Philippe Starck. These investors manage to change the turn-of-the-century grain factory into a five-star hotel. With the recent success of Nihi Resort, it’s crystal clear that Chris Burch is adding hospitality in conjunction with real estate to his list of investment.  To learn about his latest cool offering to the market, hit

Niliwitu was formerly a remote paradise or surfers in search of 20-foot waves in the Indian Ocean. Claude and Petra Graves which were the previous owner prior to Chris Burch take over made a stopover on their way to Berlin, New Jersey, and South Africa in th1998. They camped on the beach for some years before establishing the resort on a small parcel surrounded by protected land. The Graves’ business dream was on the verge of collapsing as a result of the Asian financial crisis in conjunction with unmitigated health and social welfare problems among the dwellers of Sumbanese islands.

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