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US Money Reserve Offers World-class Customer Engagement and Service with New Website

US Money Reserve, the largest bullion distribution in the world, introduced a new website and E-commerce platform to offer world-class customer engagement and service to its clients. The interactive features of the site, its new look, and specialties are aptly reflecting its leadership in the precious metal industry.

It has an impressive photo gallery that features the collection of bullion and other metal products along with the images of Philip N. Diehl, the current President of the firm. The site has options to educate the customers about precious metal industry including benefits of purchasing government issued bullion, and easy procedure to purchase the metals including gold coins.

Ryan Buchanan, the VP of the firm with responsibilities of Brand and Creative confirmed that the management is euphoric as they have a fully responsive platform now that can create quality content across the platforms. It is also helpful to interact effectively with the customers and offer the best metal products through the online shop.

Interestingly, Buchanan took care of the redesign of the website and implemented several features to ensure bullion purchase easier. U.S. Money Reserve also offers PCGS certified coins for customers with special needs and expectations.

The customers can register for the free gold information kit that gives detailed information about the industry and metal details. It also has a Knowledge Center which provides up-to-date information in the industry and explains terminologies associated with precious metals such as coin grading, minting, and purchasing.

Additionally, it has a Gold News Room which gives the latest news around the world and other factors that are deciding the price of precious metals. The site has an option called Client-Connect Advantage, which helps U.S. Reserve to connect with customers, make one-on-one consultations, purchasing assistance, special offline releases, and ensure safe offline transactions.

US Money Reserve is founded in 2001 to distribute the U.S. government issued gold, platinum, and silver bullion to the customers in the country. In the later years, the firm started distributing the foreign governments and other institutes as well. An important aspect of the company is that it has a great team of coin researchers and numismatic professionals to offer excellent quality services to the customers in every dealings.

PR Newswire believed that though US Money Reserve founded over a decade back, it has already serviced more than 400,000 individuals until the date. The firm offers some innovative programs such as BuyBack Guarantee which mean that any buyer can return the product and get a full refund within 30 days of purchase. It also offers retirement program based on precious metal investment called Gold Standard IRA.