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Hussain Sajwani: Looking To Expand The DAMAC Empire

Hussain Sajwani has become one of the top ten richest Arab men in his nation and he has accomplished this by working as a team with his highly diverse staff. Part of the reason that DAMAC works so well is the fact that Mr. Sajwani has staff members from over 77 different nationalities working within his organization and they all are encouraged to voice their opinion or provide input into the various projects that DAMAC handles.

DAMAC is a property management and building firm that has been quite successful since it’s inception. DAMAC has built over 20,000 properties, a lofty goal that few property building companies have delivered on in the Middle East. Now, Hussain Sajwani is looking to expand his empire into the Chinese residential building market. According to Watanserb, Mr. Sajwani has been watching the population growth in China and realized that middle class families continue to be on the rise and expansion into China seemed like a natural progression.

Of course, the success at DAMAC could not be accomplished without Mr. Sajwani’s faith in the competence of his staff. As stated before, any staff member may contribute an idea or opinion to the growth of DAMAC. Also, Hussain values continued education and a healthy lifestyle as important factors into running a successful company. Mr. Sajwani runs the company without any political influence from within or outside the company. If needed, Mr. Sajwani will make adjustments as neccessary in the company if political laws have changed in regards to the business practices.

DAMAC is slated to become a large supplier of housing across multiple countries and Mr. Hussain realized that one thing that needed to be done for company growth was to take the company public. This required complete transparency on the part on DAMAC and it’s entire staff in regards to the inner workings of the company. Now that the company is traded and made visible on a public stage, there is no stopping Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC from becoming one of the biggest building and property managers in the world.

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Jim Toner Share Powerful Secrets to Succeed in the Dynamic Real Estate Investment Industry

The secret to succeeding as a real estate investor lies within the decisions you make in your entrepreneurial journey. According to Jim Toner, a real estate investment mogul, investors have been making misguided decisions leading to their regrets. For instance, millions of Americans were so baffled by the crash in the real market and recession that most of them lost their wealth, and consequently, lost faith in the real estate industry. But the sector wasn’t bad; the decisions people make constituted to their losses.

For a person with over two decades of entrepreneurial experience as Jim Toner, there are high chances for prepared investors to maximize their wealth within five years to come. And his tips are simple for application by both novice investors and veterans.

The first secret is to work on yourself – your mind and body. You have to increase your value by maintaining a fit body and a healthy mind. In retrospect, some entrepreneurs ignore the importance of working on their selves before managing their teams, and this leads to under performance. As an example, it is wise to see a doctor routinely and make physical exercise a part of your daily schedule. These will prepare your body as well as brain to maximize your potentials. Entpreneur Jim Toner admits that working hard is part of the ingredients to success, and you cannot work hard with poor health and negative attitude.

Apart from maintaining yourself, you have to copy the lifestyles of the rich people. Sure, any upcoming investor has a mentor who is a pro in the field, but the former group often fail to understand how the pro investors manage everything. This is not to say that you can copy everything the rich do, but you can there are important aspects you can learn from them. Such aspects would include time management tips, making deals, maximizing potentials, among others. It is easy nowadays to get this information from pro investors since most of them have published books or offer free tips through websites, podcasts, workshops, etc.

Jim Toner said that if you want to succeed in this dynamic economy, work for yourself; have control on how deep you can go in wealth creations and maximize on your opportunities by learning from the successful and wealthy.

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Boraie Development and The State Theater to Offer Free Movies This Summer

Summertime is a perfect time for young ones and families to catch up on movies that they have been meaning to see. What is better in the summer time than free movies? Boraie Development and The State Theater have teamed up together to bring some amazing movies to kids in the New Brunswick area at no cost. These movies will air at 10:30 am or 7:00 pm.

Monsters University, Frozen, Aladdin, and E.T. are just a few of the great movies that will be shown throughout the summer at no cost. These movies will be great for groups of friends, birthday parties, summer camps, and families of all different background. It is estimated that over 7,500 individuals will be able to take advantage of these different free movies throughout the summer.

Boraie Development has been invested in many different projects to move forward the new Brunswick downtown for many decades. Boraie Development has been a strong force in the growing downtown due to their many different real estate projects and philanthropic contributions to the community.

For 30 years, Boraie Development has been one of the most sought after real estate developers in the New Jersey area. As seen on the Boraie corporate website, financial partners have become very attracted to the long-term ownership options offered by Boraie Development. This long-term ownership is unlike many of the other options that are available in the New Jersey area.  Learn more about Boraie Development:

As reported by the NJ Spotlight, New Brunswick has been fighting against lowered property value, increased immigrant populations, and lack of growth. However, Boraie has been a very crucial part of jolting downtown New Brunswick out of this standstill that they have been experiencing. The Aspire is a perfect example of a development that has gone into making New Brunswick a much more thriving city.

This 17-story luxury real estate complex not only adds to the economy of New Brunswick but the culture as well. Amenities such as a rooftop garden, a front door man, an onsite fitness center, and a yoga center all create an atmosphere that boosts the overall class of the downtown atmosphere in New Brunswick.

It is easy to see the great impact that Boraie has had on the New Brunswick area when you look at all of their amazing developments. The future looks very bright for New Brunswick as new projects are unveiled by developers like Boraie.