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The Birth of an Electro Legend: The Story of the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is one of the most successful electronic music groups of the last couple of years. Their tracks have sold for thousands of dollars, and their music is at the top of the most listened music in the electro genre, both at Spotify and iTunes.

It all started as a dream from two DJs who wanted to produce music in the genre. The international success of the Chainsmokers didn’t begin until Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the duo that began it all, met, with the help of a mutual record manager they had.

Alex Pall was already a DJ by hobby, and he would occasionally perform to his friends and to some strangers, but it wasn’t his full-time job or any serious career path he was already considering. Alex Pall was on the University of New York where he was learning History of Art and more about the industry, and already had a stable job.

Alex Pall, then, started to gain more popularity in the vicinity. The community liked him and encouraged him to find a record manager. DJing was Alex Pall’s biggest passion, and he did want to take it as far as he could, so he did find the manager that would later introduce him to Andrew Taggart.

Andrew Taggart was on the same boat. He was already at college before meeting his future partner and liked electronic music way before electronic became popular. As he loves to remember, he used to be called weird for listening to electronic music, and people thought he probably had some kind of problem. However, with the explosive success of DJs like Avicii and Skrillex, electronic became much more common, and Andrew Taggart started to get interested in the industry, hoping to produce his own tracks and albums.

The dream of the duo became more of a reality than what they initially expected. The pair received awards and nominations recognizing their talent, like the Best Electronic Music Artist nomination from American Music Awards of 2018. Their biggest hits, like “Something Just Like This,” “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down” scored millions of downloads and are incredibly famous in pop culture and among enthusiasts.

The Go-To Person For Live Sound Engineering: Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is an established producer in the music industry. He has a wide range of knowledge and this has made him him a go-to for many artists. His services are heavily sought after. Clay has experience in many sectors of the music arts. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee and got a bachelors degree from The Central Michigan University, in Theater Designing. Clay Hutson proceeded to then further his education and get his masters degree at The Steven M. Ross School of Business. He played the role of many important positions. He began as a project coordinator and then sound engineer for many different genres of music. Proceeding his exposure to all of these types of music, Clay Hutson knew that the genre of Rock ‘n’ Roll was where he had a desire to work with. The world of music enabled Hutson to see many different places overseas and all throughout North America and Australia as well. With all the experience he had, it was time to move forward and start his own business. He founded his a production management company that has grown tremendously since it’s birth. He is a leader that shows others his ways by leading by example. These days his focal area of work is concert production. He is a huge fan of the live performance so everyday is fun to him. The work he does, doesn’t feel like work to him; He states.

Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock are presntly working on The Red Blooded Rock ‘n’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour together. He is Kid Rock’s stage manager and has proven himself to be an asset in the tour’s success. The two have worked together before and it was the success of that venture that led to this current one. Some of the big names that Clay has worked with are Kelly Clarkson, Guns’N’Roses, Prince and P!nk to name a few. As a live sound engineer, he realizes the obstacles that may arise and has the experience to deal with them accordingly. His services has also extended into the corporate world. Clay has assisted with the olympics and other major events. The go-to guy for live sound engineering has paved the way for himself and many others. Learn more:



The Music Man of Nashville: Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson has worked with some of the biggest names in music. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a music producer making music for very many musicians. But nowadays, he is busy running his live production company.

The producer has always enjoyed live performances. His work history surely makes him qualified. It took several years before he decided to embark out on his own to form his won company. Working in the industry so long, he has held numerous positions at many other companies. He is grateful for all of his experiences because these experiences laid the groundwork to his company today. It takes skill to make it in the music and live performance industry. Clayton Hutson defiantly has those skills.

While working for his previous company, the company began to go through a series of challenges. The music industry was changing and evolving. This took the market down a different course. When the company began to have its problems, the music producer knew this would be the perfect change for him to create his own company.

Although Clayton Hutson has found business success, running a live performance company is no easy task. He wakes at six thirty in the morning and does not stop until the moon is in the nighttime sky. He wakes so early because he wants to get to venues his musicians are performing at. He gets there early to inspect and check everything out. Once he arrives, he does a complete walkthrough. After that, he creates a plan to keep everything organized and in storage. He overseas the operations his crew is handling.

He is a productive worker. He makes sure his crew works just as hard. He is very careful with detail and making sure everything is done perfectly. Once the show begins, he watches to look for improvements. He implements these improvements into his future shows.

What is in the future for fame producer Clayton Hutson? He wishes to still continue to run his company. He wants to create successful live performances. Ultimately, he wishes to make sure that his musicians are able to perform in the best of venues for audiences everywhere.

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