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OSI Food Solutions: The Company That Supplies the Worlds Largest FoodService Businesses

The meat processing industry is competitive. It takes grit and intellect to survive the competition, as well as keep up with the growing demand for meat and food products in general. It’s even more competitive to supply consumers indirectly through foodservice. This is the role that OSI Food Solutions plays in the world.

OSI Food Solutions started off as a small meat butchering company in West Side Chicago. In 1955, they scored a contract with the first McDonalds and held that contract with its subsequent franchises. OSI was then called Otto & Sons and soon grew, with McDonald’s, overtaking factories all over the United States and Central America.

Today, OSI Food Solutions supplies McDonald’s, Subway, Papa Johns and countless other food service businesses with their product. The road to this point wasn’t easy. To be able to service all of these foodservice companies requires a great deal of tactical maneuvering in the world. OSI has had to make key acquisitions to bolster their product line and create networking channels with foodservice companies in countries around the world.

The most recent of these acquisitions was Baho Foods, a deli meat company located in the Netherlands. The Dutch company is responsible for many convenience items like snacks and deli meats. For OSI, the move seemed like a no-brainer. It grew their portfolio of products as well as gave them key demographic areas in the Netherlands, a notoriously difficult country to grow into.

Another acquisition along the same lines was that of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe — now Creative Foods — is a supplier of frozen poultry, pies, filling, sandwich products, and more for foodservice businesses across the United Kingdom. Creative Foods instantly filled gaps in OSI Food Solutions product lines and created great infrastructure for servicing the foodservice industry in the United Kingdom.

These smart acquisitions are just one of the many ways that OSI is fulfilling its role of service in the foodservice industry across the world. It isn’t an easy position to be in. Competition is hyper-aggressive and any false moves could see them losing business across the world. OSIs position isn’t an easy one, but it is one that they have excelled at for many years.

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The Contributions Of Sheldon Lavin To The OSI Group Have Been Incredibly Valuable

Otto & Sons was created in Chicago by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. The company eventually became the OSI Group. The CEO is Sheldon Lavin and his priorities are food safety, sustainability and green practices. His strategies are focused on the market and have included numerous acquisitions. Sheldon Lavin joined the company during the 1970’s as a partner. As McDonalds continued to grow he steered the OSI Group to the global market. The company expanded into numerous countries during the 1980’s including two plants located in the United States. The expansion continued throughout the 1990’s.

The new millennium was the beginning of an aggressive poultry expansion. The beginning of the new acquisitions were in 2002 in China in fresh produce. Next came the beef industry in Australia. This led to the acquisition of a poultry company in the United States. A beef production company was then opened in Japan in 2010. Next came an expansion into Canada and India. 2014 signified a triple expansion in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Sheldon Lavin brought a lot to the OSI Group more than four decades past. He had an innate drive to succeed combined with the experience he gained as a banking executive and an investor. He was the person responsible for the success and global growth of the OSI Group during the 1970’s. This was when Sheldon Lavin gained equal leverage by becoming the third partner. He eventually became a fifty percent partner when one of the original owners sons sold his interest. The second brother retired and this gave him 100 percent control of the voting. He believed the only reason for him to stay with the company was for strategic expansion.

Sheldon Lavin has planned every acquisition, joint venture and purchase strategically. His belief in the importance of strong feelings led to the green innovations incorporated by the OSI Group. The OSI Group now has in excess of 20,000 employees throughout the world. The culture of the company is uniform in spite of the languages and oceans separating all the different facilities. Mr. Lavin has now reached the age of 85. He still intends to continue with his plans in promoting a sustainable supply chain, providing socially responsible contributions to the communities and workers of the world and reducing the environmental impact as much as possible. He also makes generous donations to college funds, charities helping sick children, chronic illnesses and Jewish organizations.

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OSI Group Stays at the Top for a Reason

It’s weird to think about the food industry making the drastic change to fresh and healthy. For decades, the food industry’s biggest providers have been big corporations only focused on profit. Now, many of those big corporations need to change their ways if they want to survive.

With so many people learning about the importance of locally raised and grown, organic foods, there’s a lot of pressure on corporations to change their ways. That’s not an easy task for large corporations, especially those used to running the industry and telling consumers what’s good for them.

One of the premier food providers eager to make that change is OSI Group. Over the last a hundred years, OSI Group has been an industry leader. They work with some of the industry’s biggest foodservice and retail food brands to bring consumers high-quality products in a timely manner.

Now that freshness is a bigger deal, companies like OSI Group are quickly climbing the industry ladder. If they weren’t number one before, it’s only a matter of time before they are. If a company the size of OSI Group can adapt to the new way food solutions need to be, their success will be limitless.

The one advantage OSI Group has over the competition is the will to change. They’re not the most successful company, but they’re the only successful company at that level making such drastic changes to the way their produce food solutions and what kind of food solutions produce.

OSI Group has an entrepreneurial passion that works well with their customers. They help customers bring their food ideas to life and to consumers. They love helping their customers come with next-generation food solutions that can change the world of food. It’s why they’re so dedicated to every company they work with.

The driving force behind any company is the workforce, but more so with OSI Group. At OSI Group, their employees are entrepreneurially driven and passionate about developing innovative food solutions. There’s a lengthy process to joining the OSI Group family, but if they’re passionate, anyone can get the job.

No matter how difficult a dream, if someone needs their food idea realized, there’s no better company to work with than OSI Group.

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A How-To Guide For OSI Group

Are you in the foodservice business? Do you know where most food servers get their food products from? These are both interesting questions and if you’re thinking about opening a business that serves food, then you should apply some due diligence to the topic at hand. Unless a business has its own food source, it will surely need to have its products shipped for service. This entire logistical-process can be frustrating even to the most seasoned business owners. Have you ever heard of OSI Group? If you haven’t heard, then you’re definitely not the only one who’s in the dark. OSI Group is at the apex of the food service industry thanks to its variety, its ethics and its capabilities. Lets dig a bit deeper below.

OSI Group is a company that’s within a company, and it personifies this notion brilliantly. Though the company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, many of its institutions are scattered around the globe. By having its institutions in numerous geographical areas, the company can reach a much broader audience. Poland, Brazil, the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Hungary and Japan hosts many of OSI’s facilities. There is a total of 65 facilities, and they actually span across 17 countries. The statistics are amazing and this company is worth billions of dollars. In 2016, Forbes ranked OSI Group as the 58th largest private company in America. Its $6.1 billion in revenue doesn’t seem to hurt at all. The company has steadily climbed the ranks since its birth back in 1909. It has surely withstood the test of time, and it has hundreds of clients that will backup all claims.

By acquiring stake in other similar companies, OSI Group has been able to grow at an alarming rate. OSI has control of BAHO Foods as well as control of Flagship Europe. With these two food service companies that has been brought into the mix, OSI can now extend its services into at least 18 additional countries. Yes, this is business 101 at its finest. As of now, the future is looking really bright as OSI Group will continue to further itself on the scale of success.

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