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Announcements on Big Money Targets from End Citizens United

End Citizens United was established in 2015 in an attempt to put limitations on the political funding for specific campaigns. What has become of it thus far? Fast forward in 2018, and there is an announcement on the Democratic PAC, which named what is known as the “Big Money 20” targets for 2018. Who are these folks and what will become of this effort?

PAC stands for “political action committee”, and End Citizens United is a true PAC, attempting to point out who they believe that Republic Congressmen and women will target for big bucks this election cycle. What are these special interests that these targets have? Who are the targets that they believe will hold power over their constituents? Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

Some of the most frequently mentioned names include:

  • Senator Ted Cruz from Texas
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan from Wisconsin
  • Representative Erik Paulsen of Minnesota

The Director of the group, Tiffany Muller, has stated that the names that made this list are the “worst of the worst”. She also made it known that the goal of the PAC is to raise nearly $35 million for this upcoming re-election. Looking at the figures from 2016, this would put them at $10 million more than was spent that year.

The one thing that is for certain, is that this election race may be the toughest since the Civil War. It’s a rough battle ahead, but Senator Ted Cruz and House Speaker Ryan are not in a vulnerable position.

What happens during this race will be unclear, and the results unprecedented. It’s unlike anything that either party has ever really seen. End Citizens United is a true political action committee, and therefore they will not take donations that exceed $5,000.

Citizens want a change, and while it’s clear there has to be a better way, does anyone know what that is? End Citizens United is working tirelessly to see that money for special interests in politics is shut down for good.