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Andy Wirth-led Resort Expansion Passes Next Round

Squaw Valley ski resort seems to be inching closer and closer to its planned expansion. The most recent test that they had to pass was getting okay from the Placer County planning commission. Squaw Valley is located in Placer County.

The resort’s CEO, Andy Wirth, says that the most recent meeting with the planning commission went very well and he is pleased with the direction that everything is going. The Placer County planning commission gave the resort the thumbs up with regards to their planned expansion.

The next step for the resort is to obtain the approval of the County Board of Commissions before the expansion can move forward. This seems likely after passing the planning commissions segment of the approval process despite a few concerns they had.  Read more: Andy Wirth | Powder Magazine

The main concern that is floating around the expansion is the issues that may be caused when it comes to traffic. The resort showed that their planned expansion won’t increase traffic to the point that there will not be any room for further expansions down the road in the county.

They showed the planning commission how they intend to do that and gained their approval as a result. There is only so much room at the lake and the county justifiably wants the resort to prove that they won’t be congesting the area with traffic to the point that further growth is impossible.

Some opponents of the expansion say that the area around the lake and in the rest of Placer County simply cannot handle the amount of traffic that this expansion will bring to the area. Wirth says that he has created a plan to help ease the effect of the increased traffic on the area. This plan includes helping to develop a reliable mass transit system in the area that will reduce the number of cars on the road by a lot.

Wirth has over 25 years of experience working in hotels and resorts. Much of that experience has come while he was in a leadership role with the companies. Right now he is focused on making Lake Tahoe one of the ski resort destinations in the world.

According to CBS, Andy Wirth is also committed to giving back to the community where works. He has continued his philanthropic career in the Lake Tahoe area by committing to helping organiations that are dedicated to preserving the environment in the area. Andy Wirth maintains that the nature and beauty of Squaw Valley are part of what till make it one of the top ski destinations in the world.