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Squaw Valley Statement

Squaw Valley recently had to issue a statement after coliform and E. coli bacteria were found in their drinking water. Health officials at the Department of Environmental Health for Placer County first reported on November 8 after Squaw Valley contacted them.

The county officials together with members of Squaw Valley have been working tirelessly to treat the water. The efforts have been quite successful. Thus far, only one well out of four wells is still showing low levels of E. coli. The other three wells have currently been cleared of any E. coli. The director of Environmental Health for Placer County issued the confirmation.

As of now, a deal has been reached between Squaw Valley and Placer County. Meanwhile, all restaurants at upper mountain will remain closed for now. Additionally, skiers are barred from drinking water at Squaw Valley until the issue is resolved. However, it is worth noting that no health incident has been recorded this far. Skiing will proceed as normal at the famous ski resort.

Squaw Valley’s Official Response

Squaw Valley went on to put forth some facts to clear up any misunderstanding on the issue on According to their statement, the issue began in October when the area experienced some unusually heavy rains.

Because of the rains, it led to flooding of a newly installed water statement at high Camp and Gold Coast. The result was that the system became contaminated. The contamination was confined to that system. Despite that, none of the contaminated water ever made available for use by members of the public.

The issue of contamination was detected during a routine test conducted by Squaw Valley. They immediately contacted the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Additionally, Squaw Valley called in some water safety experts to assist with the issue. Squaw Valley is working with the experts in collaboration with Placer County officials to resolve the problem.

One of the measures that Squaw Valley has taken is to ensure that water will not be available to members of the public at Gold Coast or High Camp. The go-ahead for availing the water to the public will only be given after experts and county officials give reassurance.

Squaw Valley emphasized in its statement that the safety of its customers is paramount. They have promised to treat the safety issue with the same seriousness that they treat all other safety concerns. For now, guests who are staying at Gold Coast and High Camp will have access to free bottled water. Additionally, they will still be allowed to enjoy all the facilities available. The bottled water and prepackaged food were part of the deal reached between the county and squaw valley.

Squaw Valley promised to give an update as soon as they had received one from the health experts. They were also very glad for the cooperation they had received from Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer County.

For now, Placer County is unsure how long the return to normalcy will take. They are taking water samples daily. However, the results look promising.