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Does Wen by Chaz Really Work?


Chances are you’ve heard about WEN, and have seen the commercials featuring celebrities endorsing the products. Wen is a natural hair care line that includes oils and extracts from plants. Want to know if Wen by Chaz really works? Bustle’s Emily McClure tried the conditioner for seven days. Here’s what she discovered.

McClure was surprised that so much of the conditioner was needed for just one application. However, she followed the bottle instructions and immediately noticed a change in the texture of her hair. She shares on that her hair is naturally thin, and the conditioner made it feel thicker right away.

She did notice, however, that her hair was particularly oily. By the fourth day, she didn’t have time to wash her hair in the morning, and felt like her hair was heavier and noticeably greasy.

By the end of the week, McClure’s facebook friends complimented her on her smooth and shiny hair. Overall, she concluded that WEN by Chaz is ideal for women who have thin or dry hair who want a quick hair transformation.