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The Contributions Of Sheldon Lavin To The OSI Group Have Been Incredibly Valuable

Otto & Sons was created in Chicago by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. The company eventually became the OSI Group. The CEO is Sheldon Lavin and his priorities are food safety, sustainability and green practices. His strategies are focused on the market and have included numerous acquisitions. Sheldon Lavin joined the company during the 1970’s as a partner. As McDonalds continued to grow he steered the OSI Group to the global market. The company expanded into numerous countries during the 1980’s including two plants located in the United States. The expansion continued throughout the 1990’s.

The new millennium was the beginning of an aggressive poultry expansion. The beginning of the new acquisitions were in 2002 in China in fresh produce. Next came the beef industry in Australia. This led to the acquisition of a poultry company in the United States. A beef production company was then opened in Japan in 2010. Next came an expansion into Canada and India. 2014 signified a triple expansion in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Sheldon Lavin brought a lot to the OSI Group more than four decades past. He had an innate drive to succeed combined with the experience he gained as a banking executive and an investor. He was the person responsible for the success and global growth of the OSI Group during the 1970’s. This was when Sheldon Lavin gained equal leverage by becoming the third partner. He eventually became a fifty percent partner when one of the original owners sons sold his interest. The second brother retired and this gave him 100 percent control of the voting. He believed the only reason for him to stay with the company was for strategic expansion.

Sheldon Lavin has planned every acquisition, joint venture and purchase strategically. His belief in the importance of strong feelings led to the green innovations incorporated by the OSI Group. The OSI Group now has in excess of 20,000 employees throughout the world. The culture of the company is uniform in spite of the languages and oceans separating all the different facilities. Mr. Lavin has now reached the age of 85. He still intends to continue with his plans in promoting a sustainable supply chain, providing socially responsible contributions to the communities and workers of the world and reducing the environmental impact as much as possible. He also makes generous donations to college funds, charities helping sick children, chronic illnesses and Jewish organizations.

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