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The Inspiring Career Trajectory of Lawyer Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a gifted lawyer based in Brazil. He is the senior partner at FAGALI Advocacy, a law firm headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He unveiled this company in July 2016. It specializes in anti-corruption, electoral matters, compliance, and public law. Bruno Fagali works with other leaders to expand this company and attract more clients. He also works for the New/sb as the corporate integrity manager. He develops, implements, and runs the compliance program of this ads company.

Academic Credentials

Bruno Fagali has established himself as a committed academician. He studied state regulatory law during his undergraduate level. Later on, Bruno Fagali enrolled at the University of Sao Paulo and earned his master’s in administrative, state law, and anti-corruption. He acquired his license to practice law from the Fundacao Civic Administration.

An Authority in Administrative Law

Bruno Fagali has decorated himself as one of the prominent administrative lawyers in Brazil. Due to his unparalleled experience and a stellar record in the law sector, Bruno Fagali is one of the most sought after lawyers. He is an active supporter of proper governance and government accountability. He provides advisory services on compliance issues to wealthy persons and prominent companies.

Career Trajectory

Bruno Fagali started out as an intern at Dom Paulo Evaristo Firm in 2006. He practiced civil procedural law, which involved consumer law, family law, civil law, and domestic violence disputes. From here, Bruno Fagali  joined Manesco and Associates Law Firm for another one-year internship. At this firm, he specialized in public advisory law, involving biddings, administrative contracts, and regulatory law. He completed his internship program at Tojal & Renault Associate Lawyers. Upon obtaining his license, Bruno Fagali became an independent lawyer and joined Radi and Associados Advocacia. In his two years tenure in this firm, Bruno Fagali was an expert in litigation and public law, with special emphasize on administrative improbity action, popular action, and bidding.

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