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Investing In Real Estate through JHSF

JHSF Participacoes is a Brazilian real-estate company which was founded in 1972 in Sao Paulo by Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo. This global company operates in several countries such as Uruguay and the United States. In the US, the company was responsible for the construction of building 815 in New York as well as the condominium Las Piedras in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

JHSF specializes in the high-income segment by focusing on recurring income activities. Originally, the company specialized in construction and incorporation services this company was also the first real estate company to prioritize recurrent income assets through shopping malls, hotels, airports and hotels, and other real estate properties.

When the company split in 1990, Fabio Auriemo took over the operations of the company. He managed to maintain the initial focus of the company which was real estate investment. By 2001, the company had branched out into constructing shopping malls such as Shopping Metro Santa Cruz in Sao Paulo. Today, this mall is recognized as the first Brazilian mall that is integrated with a subway station. In 2006, JHSF launched the Cidade Jardim complex which houses Shopping Cidade Jardim, the main luxury market in Brazil. This complex also has nine residential towers and three commercial towers.

In 2007, JHSF became the major stakeholder of the Fasano Group Hotels. Moreover, the company also acquired Fazenda Boa Vista, a residential condominium in Sao Paulo. In 2008, the company inaugurated Horto Bela Vista Complex in Salvador, Bahia. In addition to this, JHSF is the parent company of Shopping Ponta Negra in Manaus, Amazonas.

Over the years, the company has received several honors and awards. Most recently, in 2014, the company was awarded the Catarina Fashion Outlet wins “Featured in other formats” award at the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers. That same year, the company was also elected by the PINI Award for the best incorporator of Brazil. In 2012, the company won the Best Environmental Seal if Aqua Award as well as the PINI award in the category “Planned daring.”

Hussain Sajwani: Looking To Expand The DAMAC Empire

Hussain Sajwani has become one of the top ten richest Arab men in his nation and he has accomplished this by working as a team with his highly diverse staff. Part of the reason that DAMAC works so well is the fact that Mr. Sajwani has staff members from over 77 different nationalities working within his organization and they all are encouraged to voice their opinion or provide input into the various projects that DAMAC handles.

DAMAC is a property management and building firm that has been quite successful since it’s inception. DAMAC has built over 20,000 properties, a lofty goal that few property building companies have delivered on in the Middle East. Now, Hussain Sajwani is looking to expand his empire into the Chinese residential building market. According to Watanserb, Mr. Sajwani has been watching the population growth in China and realized that middle class families continue to be on the rise and expansion into China seemed like a natural progression.

Of course, the success at DAMAC could not be accomplished without Mr. Sajwani’s faith in the competence of his staff. As stated before, any staff member may contribute an idea or opinion to the growth of DAMAC. Also, Hussain values continued education and a healthy lifestyle as important factors into running a successful company. Mr. Sajwani runs the company without any political influence from within or outside the company. If needed, Mr. Sajwani will make adjustments as neccessary in the company if political laws have changed in regards to the business practices.

DAMAC is slated to become a large supplier of housing across multiple countries and Mr. Hussain realized that one thing that needed to be done for company growth was to take the company public. This required complete transparency on the part on DAMAC and it’s entire staff in regards to the inner workings of the company. Now that the company is traded and made visible on a public stage, there is no stopping Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC from becoming one of the biggest building and property managers in the world.

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The Aspire: A State of the Art Apartment Complex Built by Boraie Development

The Aspire is one of the most recent projects completed by Boraie Development. The building is located near the city center of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and it is among the first structures by Boraie Development to be built within the city. Boraie Development and the city government of New Brunswick have signed a partnership contract which will transform the city into an economic powerhouse. The city has been considered as one of the best cities to live in back in the mid-20th century because of the prevalence of factories and offices offering a lot of jobs to the population. However, the city went into extreme decline after its population went into a massive exodus, leaving the industries in New Brunswick. Today, the city decided to go under a rebirth, and they have contracted Boraie Development to build more projects within the city hoping that it would attract investors and new residents.



New Brunswick is not the only city that is being developed by Boraie Development. Newark and Atlantic City are also being transformed by the company, and they are also building newer residential and commercial complexes within the downtown areas to attract investors to do business in the city. Boraie Development tapped New Brunswick to become one of the cities that they will develop because they knew that there is a lot of potential to the city. The first thing that Boraie Development did is to locate the best place within the city where they will be constructing the apartment complex. They chose to construct the building near the city center so that the residents could have access to facilities offered by the downtown, like the restaurants and bars, among others. After The Aspire opened its doors to the public, many inquired about the units and a lot of them were sold. The residents who are now living inside the apartment complex are satisfied with the services and the facilities offered by the building to the people living inside. For more details visit




According to NJBiz, Boraie Development knew that the residents inside their apartment complex would want to live in a comfortable and highly secured property, so they invested in hiring security personnel who would be taking in charge of monitoring the property. The developers also built a fitness center inside the apartment complex, and made it sure that the materials that will be used inside each unit will be of high quality, with an experienced interior designer taking in charge of how it will be designed. After the success of The Aspire, Boraie Development announced that more projects will be built within the city.



Samuel Strauch: Next Elle Woods?

Samuel Strauch is the prestieged founder of Affinity Realty, a brokerage firm based in Florida. Unlike other agents who run underneath an agency looking for just commission, Strauch runs his own caliber. As CEO, he manages himself. In an era of investments and investment companies gone wrong, Samuel seems to know just which chords to strike to the element of his newfound and longtime wealth, lasting fifteen years.

Affinity Realty was started in 2002 after Samuel graduated Harvard University, living out the Elle Woods fantasy many of us aspire. Samuel Strauch is at the top of his own game, singlehandedly selling more houses and better profits than the average estate broker to date. In fact, according to HomeLight, he ranks within the top 13 percentile out of nearly six thousand agents.

Strauch’s life is busy and stressful, no doubt. The most riveting thing, he says, is that no two days are alike. “The nice thing about what I do is that my typical days are always different,” he claims in an article printed by IdeaMensch last month. “The key to my business is always meeting new people and strengthening relationships with our clients, investors, partners, brokers and other colleagues in the industry.”

As a business man, Strauch can be as serious as anyone. How might he cope with the stress? An easy at-home remedy. Meditation. According to IdeaMensch, he suggests meditation for everyone to de-stress, and it helps focus on both personal and professional affairs.

In addition to meditating, Samuel Strauch is a giant fan of both cycling and photography. Being an investor, it won’t be surprising to learn Strauch has easy access to multiple forms of income. Strauch seems to be quite comfortable in where he is, as it should be.

The Real Estate Solutions that are offered by Town Residential.

New York City is among the world’s busiest places, and it is tough to get a decent house to rent or buy. Accessing real estate in the city is a difficult task since all neighborhoods have different characteristics and people consider various factors when looking for a property that matches their requirements. The process of getting the best housing that matches the needs of an individual can be simplified by seeking the assistance of a professional who is well experienced in the sector.


Town Resident is a renowned and developed .company that provided real estate solutions in New York. The firm primarily deals with residential houses and its primary services are selling, renting, property advertisement, and development. It was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger. It is managed by competent leaders and has a skilled group of experts that help the customers in getting the best seller or buyers of real estates.


The company provides a guide for property buyers to assist them in getting professional guidance on the houses that are available in New York. The client is also able to get a clear view of the broad array of the real estate property that is in the large city. The guidance that is offered makes it easy for the property buyers to complete the process of buying the houses without experiencing any difficulties. The clients also get excellent advice that matches their specific needs.


The company also advises the sellers of real estate property on various aspects, which include the best price for the asset. The also facilitate that marketing process to reach the targeted individuals and to make sure that the real estate is in an excellent form at all times. Efficient advertising is necessary to ensure that the information on the property that is being sold is accessed by a large number of people. Having the best sells tactics smoothens the activities that are involved in the sale of the house.


Individuals who would like to get a rental place in New York can also benefit from the solutions of Town Residential. The guidance that company offers helps in getting the best apartments in the city that matches the financial capability of the customer. The company has a website where clients can get a representative who will help in getting a superb rental house. Town Residential has an outstanding reputation in the real estate industry, and it is trusted by many clients in New York.