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Kevin Seawright Wants Everyone in a Home

Everyone hopes one day to achieve the American dream. What exactly is that dream and why do so many work long hard hours to achieve it? The American dream is the idea that every U.S. citizen has an opportunity to achieve prosperity and success through hard work and initiative. You know the dream has been achieved when you are able to buy a home. In fact, homeownership is the most frequently cited symbol of having attained the dream because a home symbolizes financial success and independence.

The American Dream, for some, no longer shines with light of attainment that it once had. For many people it has become an impossible dream. One man, however, still sees the beauty of the dream, and if he has his way as many people as want it in the Baltimore area will be able to have it.

Kevin Seawright, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame- Mendoza College of Business, is the founder of RPS Solutions, LLC. He is a man who is passionate about home ownership. Kevin Seawright is a project management professional based in the Baltimore area. He has been described as a result oriented, creative, and innovative motivator who for over thirteen years has provided cost effective property management. He is a well respected member of the community, and he has spent his career working in local government sectors, in education, and in real estate.

Mr. Seawright believes home ownership when achieved is a benefit for all involved. It helps build healthy and stable communities by giving people something to be proud of, it helps them achieve their potential, and it improves the socioeconomic environment of communities.

Recently on the Larry Young morning talk show Kevin Seawright sat down and shared the vision of RPS Solutions, LLC. RPS Solutions is a joint partnership that constructs and renovates housing in Baltimore and surrounding areas. The company’s goal is to grow the rate of home ownership in the city. Everyone needs a home; RPS Solutions and its founder Kevin Seawright are busy looking for and providing affordable alternatives to make it happen.