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Weapons Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber has had a very long and interesting career as a weapons historian, writer and filmmaker. He attended and graduated from UCLA where he attained bachelor’s degrees in psychology and English literature. Zomber also received a Master’s degree in English literature as well. After completing college he pursued his longtime passion of collecting and studying weapons from both the American Civil War and the Japanese samurai era. For four decades Michael gained a lot of knowledge about these two historical time periods. With his knowledge he was able to accomplish a number of things. These accomplishments include speaking on the History Channel and also writing a number of stories about these time periods. Therefore Michael has established himself as one of the top experts and storytellers of weapons from the American Civil War and the Japanese samurai era.

With his background in English Literature, Michael Zomber has used this to help write screenplays, novels and make films about the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era. His first projects consisted of a number of screenplays which were stories about the two historical eras. These screenplays would portray the lifestyle, culture, and armed conflicts of the American Civil War and Japanese samurai period. He would then make them into films and become a very valuable source of entertainment for many people interested in these two historical eras. Along with the screenplays and films, Michael would also write novels which would also tell stories about the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era with an emphasis in the weapons used. As a result these novels, screenplays and films provide people with a lot of in depth perspectives of two of the most distinct time periods in history.

While Michael Zomber is very passionate about history and weapons, he understands that warfare is very destructive. As a result he makes it one of his top priorities to help prevent war as well as help those who have suffered devastating consequences from it. To help Michael participates with a number of national and international organizations to help make life more peaceful and better for others around the world.