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Internationally Renowned Andrew Rolfe: Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund hoped to raise more than $1 million to support the low-income children of Africa and South Sahara region to undertake an education for a brighter future. This was a meeting that was held at the Gala Dinner last month as the 10th meeting to foster education as a way of life for the African children who suffer due to lack of funds for a better life. The money that will be received from this event will be spent to benefit the South African students who are undertaking an education in different aspects of life. A pediatric clinic is one of the projects the organizers will be undertaking using the raised Ubuntu Fund. More disadvantaged children will also get the school doors open for them to receive a lifetime benefit in the taste of education.

The whole program will also undertake the care for the unprivileged youth in society until they commence their careers. While they took the better part of the night to raise funds, they eventually met their goal. Andrew Rolfe is the CEO and Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund. He had the pleasure to host more than 300 attendees as well as two special guests who have successfully gone through this fund to get a better life in their future. The two individuals gave the most inspiring speeches towards giving out for the poor children who had no source of money as well as the development of activated business solutions.

Sinesipho Rabidyani was one of the recipients who gave their speech during that previous night. She talked about how the funds aided her to receive her education as well as her current position at one of the world largest company in the United States. If it were not for the Ubuntu Fund, she would still be in the streets of one of the largest slums in the country. She was chosen to get an excellent education as well as a privilege to join a school. She worked hard so that those who paid for her fees would not regret funding her education. This is the dream of every child out there waiting for the fund.