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Handy Helps with the Spring Cleaning

There aren’t many rites of spring that are more satisfying than the annual clean. For some people, however, happiness comes only after the work is completed. Spring cleaning may never be effortless, but it’s possible to make the job more manageable-and possibly enjoyable. Below are a few tips that will make your spring cleaning a cinch.

Create a realistic plan, keeping in mind that one weekend probably won’t suffice, as you’ll need a few days to make your home sparkle. Whether you start in the attic and work your way to the basement or vice versa, focus on one task at a time. And remember to enlist the helps of family members as well.

To get the ball rolling, start by wiping down walls, book shelves and ceilings. This can be a time-consuming task, so pace yourself. After you’ve prevailed in this task, proceed to clean all of your windows. This is where the help of family members comes in handy. While you’re cleaning the inside, someone can clean the outside of the windows. Focus on scrubbing floors and shampooing carpets last since you will be traipsing through while cleaning.

If this seems too overwhelming, never fear because Handy is here! Handy is a professional cleaning service that provides only the highest quality of home cleaning services. We perform background checks on all of our employees, so you never need to worry about who is in your home. All of our employees are trained to Handy’s specifications and your satisfaction.

Formerly known as Handybrook, Handy was established in 2012 to help those who couldn’t or didn’t want to deal with household chores and repairs. Real estate developer Oisin Hanrahan discovered that there was a shortage of qualified individuals to tend to home renovation projects. As such, Oisin teamed with Umang Dua while attending Harvard University and Handy was born. To date, Handy is well-recognized throughout the United States and Eastern Europe as the go-to source for home cleaning services and repair.

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