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Martin Lustgarten Became Successful Providing International Investment Banking Services in South American

Martin Lustgarten is known across South America as a strategic financier and investor who provides investment banking services. He received his experience investing into Australian and Venezuelan markets. The investment banker financed companies in Venezuela and owned companies in Panama, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has dual citizenship in Australia and Venezuela and currently resides in South Florida. Most of his international business transactions are conducted in South America.


Now that Lustgarten owns a home in Miami, Florida, he continues to offer professional advice about South American markets in Austria and Venezuela. He also has a resident in Panama, where he owned companies. He knows international trading laws in his dual citizenship countries, as well in the United States.


Lustgarten has managed millions of dollars in markets of Australia, Panama, and Venezuela. He may be considering providing investment banking services in the United States, now that he’s living in Miami. Advisors in the U.S. are required to register with SEC and FINRA to offer services. Martin could very well expand his business to the United States after receiving years of experience in South American markets; helping distress South American companies; and purchasing companies to keep the economy afloat. His stay in the U.S. could be an investment strategy to enhance his international investing portfolio and participate in future American markets. Visit his Vimeo page to see some cool videos he’s into as well.