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The American Institute of Architects Celebrates 160 Years of Excellence

     In 2017, the American Institute of Architects celebrated its 160th birthday. The industry and the institution that represents it have come a long ways over that time span. But the basic principles on which the founders based the organization have proven to be timeless. In the United States, the public’s confidence in the built environment is, perhaps, as high as its ever been. The fact that so few catastrophes relating to the quality of buildings and their design happen in a country so vast is testament to the extreme efficacy with which the American Institute of Architects has executed its mission.

The AIA today

Today, the American Institute of Architects is the de facto model for all such organizations across the globe. It serves as a standard bearer and as a model of ethical uprightness, showing the world what is possible with high standards and ethics. The institution has maintained the rigor and professionalism of the American architectural industry at a level that has been unsurpassed throughout the history of its existence.

All of this has resulted in America becoming the soil upon which the most important architectural schools of the last 150 years have planted their seed and grown to fruition. Even schools that did not originate in the United States, such as Neoclassicism, Beaux Arts and Art Deco, have found their wings in cities across the United States, particularly in the high grandeur of the skyscrapers in cities like Detroit, New York and Chicago. Other schools of architecture, such as the Victorian and Italianate styles that were so popular with wealthy home owners throughout the second half of the 19th century, can almost be fully credited as uniquely American creations, at least in their specific implementations. All of this was made possible by having a strong professional organization that instilled confidence in the public and ensured that the country’s top talent was both recognized and promoted.

The American Institute of Architects is, today, run by renowned architect, scholar and biographer Robert Ivy. During his tenure, the organization has continued to expand, today counting over 90,000 members in its ranks. The institution bequeaths fellowships and awards, with the position of Fellow and the AIA Gold Medal respectively being its highest honors. All of the most brilliant luminaries of American architecture have been high ranking members in the institution, including such names as Frank Lloyed Wright, Daniel Burnham and William LeBaron Jenney

James Dondero and Highland Capital Have Done it Again

Dallas Zoo is now home to the new Simmons Hippo Post. This gigantic habitat for the world’s third largest land mammal is over two acres and exceeds 100,000 gallons of aquatic living space for the hippopotamuses, Adhama (male) and Biopelo (female). James Dondero, founder and head, of Highland Capital Lp donated $1,000,000 towards the completion of this project.

Known around the world for his philanthropic acts, James Dendero and his organization financially supports charities each year to the tune of three million dollars. Other known beneficiaries of the compassionate gifts from Dondero’s Highland Capital Management include: Perot Museum of Nature and Science, American Heart Association, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Centre of Brain Health.

The efforts of James Dondero and Highland Capital does not necessarily stop only with a donation. Additional support has been provided to former recipients of the donated funds in the form of leadership mentoring and other guidance monitoring. The mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, was awe-inspired by how the Highland Capital employees have been instrumental in this effort of environmental conservation by volunteering, serving on the board, and making other painstaking devotions to seeing the vision to fruition.

After the death of Hippo Papa, Dallas Zoo has waited 15 years for the return of their beloved hippos. The concerted force of other philanthropists with James Dondero and Highland Capital have helped to make Dallas Zoo’s Simmons Hippo Post a true success. With statistics of attracting one million visitors each year, Dallas Zoo has projections of much increase with the new addition of the hippo waterhole.


NuoDB Will Adapt to Any Environment for the best Performance Possible

NuoDB allows you to make optimizations around not only replication and storage, but also around redundancy as well, without any limitations. You can run NuoDB in any environment of your choice and even preserve support for various security models. Messages between all NuoDB processes are also automatically encrypted for extra security.

NuoDB lets you maximize all of your resources across data centers within range and also lets you minimize any latencies through its automated data locality. Its in-memory caches automatically adjust for the best performance possible and you can add or remove scale-out power without stopping SQL database services.

NuoDB lets you withstand failure at all levels without the risk I=of bringing down your application. NuoDB lets you integrate policy management and cloud tools through its REST interface and you can also migrate applications to its distributed and cloud database.

NuoDB’s cloud database innovation makes it possible to deliver a smarter database that can adapt to a wide array of environments and will help you to optimize your time and money. NuoDB combines elasticity, scale-out simplicity, and availability with consistency and durability that the modern day word demands. NuoDB can and will adapt and keep up to any type of environment.

Honey Birdette Introduced New Site

Honey Birdette is one of the most popular lingerie brands in the world. The brand is designed in Australia, and it is sold to consumers from all over the globe. Honey Birdette has earned the trust of many clients since its introduction into the market. The successful brand recently announced that it was going to launch a new e-commerce site for the United States. The reputable brand has also made it clear that it will be opening more retail stores in the United Kingdom. Honey Birdette has only three stores in the UK, and it wants to own at least forty stores so that it can meet the demands of all the consumers.

The Honey Birdette has been in the market for a while, and it was founded by one of the successful women entrepreneurs in the world, Eloise Monaghan. Since its introduction in 2006, the lingerie brand has been so successful. The primary aim of the brand is to make the modern women look good and appreciated. Eloise is a Brisbane-born entrepreneur, and her greatest mission is to design lingerie that is affordable to the middle-class woman.

Last years, the lingerie sales from the brand increased significantly in the United States. The increase prompted the Australian company to launch a unique website in the country. According to a report from the company, the sales from the country were made online, and this means that a website would encourage more sales. The site is expected to enhance customer experience. Honey Birdette has also announced that the site will help in extending the product ranges, improve the delivery of products and encourage easier returns. Clients in the US have also been told that they will have access to free deliveries when they make orders that exceed fifty dollars. The company wants to target its customers online and those operating offline.

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