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Bruno Fagali – Legal Expert After Years of Tenacity in the Industry

     Bruno Fagali is a lawyer from Sao Paulo, Brazil that has earned respect in the legal community in recent years. Bruno Fagalo specializes with administration based legal code, and has proven to hold a reputable selection of experience in the industry.

Bruno Fagali attended the University of Sao Paulo to claim his Masters in State Law. This is just another great check mark on a long list of impressive accomplishments. Experience plays a huge role in his law practices, allowing him to step to a completely higher level in terms of his capabilities within the industry.

Bruno Fagali has mastered a difficult selection of law code, including administrative law, compliance based law, corporate law and ethics, as well as regulation based laws. This wide and diverse selection of practices is enshrined within his relentless experience in the legal industry. There is no doubt that the Brazilian lawyer and legal expert has the knowledge and expertise that is required when dealing with these complicated matters.

Bruno Fagali took a major step into the legal industry around 2006 where he jumped from one law company to another. When he graduated from college, he began building experience so that he could improve his skills over the course of the next several years in the industry. After many years of hard work and significant effort, his work is incredibly respected back in Brazil, as where as other nations where his efforts have been reflected.

Bruno has even started an online blog to share some of his beliefs and ideologies on the internet. This blog will allow the public to better understand some of the things that helped him get to where he is today in the legal industry.

Robert Ivy Leads AIA Successfully

     Robert Ivy has been the instrumental leader at the American Institute of Architects in leading the industry of architecture to become more friendly toward the environment and leave a smaller carbon footprint. He rightfully understands that the field of architecture has a direct impact on both the lives of human beings and the climate as well. If they can find ways to minimally impact nature this will begin helping America moved to become more friendly to green energy.

Robert Ivy took over as chief executive officer at the American Institute of Architects when he was promoted from the role of vice president seven years ago. Since then, he has begun implementing a vision that existed within the organization and have been growing in the hearts of their people for several years. They wanted to create a way where architects were capable of creating buildings to not only promoted public health but also sustainability for the environment.

In order for the organization the pull off this influential vision they would need to do two things. The first thing that was required was a complete overhaul of the strategic mission. This meant that their strategies, departments, and current outcome plans had to be re-aligned with the new vision. The second thing that was required to accomplish this vision was to gain public access in order to educate and teach both the young and old architects.

Robert Ivy was able to attend a dinner at the Clinton Foundation by a personal invitation from Bill Clinton. While he was present, he acquired the permission needed to announce to all those who were there what his organization wanted to do. After Bill Clinton introduced him, Robert Ivy took the podium and described to everybody his “decade of design.” The decade of design was initiative by the American Institute of Architects to begin using the next 10 years to create new techniques that architects can use to make sure that their buildings have the lowest impact on the environment possible.

Many people there were advocates for reform concerning nature and they gave Robert Ivy a standing ovation. Many of the corporations and nonprofits who were present invited Robert Ivy to come to their companies or organizations to present on how to make this happen. He also was given access to several online schools in order to continue training our architects to build with this new mindset.

Robert Ivy of AIA Is an Influential Leader

     With good leadership, corporate culture is enforced. Everyone comprehends the vision and mission of the organization. Besides, every employee grasps the basis of working hard. The impact of good leadership can always be experienced when the leader in question is influential. It thereof means that a good leader must have certain traits. From being committed to excellence and team building to finding viable solutions to challenges, Robert Ivy has proven to be an excellent leader. Ivy is not just a leader. Robert is a role model and a mentor to many.

Robert’s Leadership

Robert Ivy is the serving chief executive officer of AIA. Mr. Ivy has also worked as an editor to some of the most recognized, architectural companies in the world. Ivy has more than 30 years of experience in architecture. The Alpha Rho Chi recognized him as a leading architect in the industry thanks to his input in the community. The Master Architect award is given to the most talented as well as the most deserving workers who have primarily contributed to the growth of the industry.

AIA’s Establishment

AIA was founded by 13 experienced architects in 1957. The team’s mission was to establish an organization that promoted architecture. They also wanted to empower the individuals who worked in the field by initiating community projects. Before founding this organization, architecture barely existed. Most people pursued engineering and design. Those people claimed to be architects. AIA is, therefore, a great institution that supports architects and their contribution to the community.

Robert’s Education and Early Life

Robert Ivy attended Sewanee University for a degree in architecture. He then attended Tulane University for his master’s degree in 1976. Ivy participated in the Alpha Rho Chi, a group that honors hard-working individuals in different fields. Many participants upheld his participation in the field.

Robert’s Input as an Editor

Robert was visionary. He pursued literature and became an editor at McGraw Hill. He worked for 15 years and ascended the ranks by becoming the vice president as well as the editorial director. In his capacity as the chief editor, McGraw became the main architectural journal. Ivy’s contribution became more pronounced.

Additional Information

When he was a student at AIA, Robert joined the leadership team. He maintained a strong relationship with the organization. That contributed to his election as the president. Ivy is currently in charge of making life-changing for most architects. He has contributed to the creation of revolutionary policies for architects.

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How Groupon Is Making Neurocore’s Amazing Services More Accessible To All

As we age, the ability for our brain to remain focused on a task or even interprets new information and store it properly begins to slow down. This is most evident whenever doing a repetitive task, the muscle memory kicks in and the brain begins to drift off and stop focusing on the immediate task.

Over the course of the past two decades we have learned more about the human brain and how it works than we have learned throughout the entirety of recorded medical and scientific history. Neurocore is one example of a company that is utilizing this information and helping the human brain work optimally.

Neurocore is working with Groupon to make their assessment services more accessible to any and all who want to improve their brain function. The first option costs $99 and allows you to set up your assessment without any scheduling restrictions, normally $250.
The second option costs $49 and is almost exactly the same as the first option but with a slight difference in that you must schedule your assessment on a weekday, Monday through Friday before 4:00 p.m.

The assessment begins with a simple exam called a qEEG, Quantitative Electroencephalogram which involves a small cap with diodes that are attached to your scalp with conductive gel. This allows the activity of your brain to be monitored and measured with amazing accuracy.

The qEEG allows for a 19-point measurement of your brain, enabling precise mapping of your brain’s unique functionality. Analyzing both brain speed as well as connectivity allows neurocore’s clinical specialists to have an accurate picture of what is causing your challenges or unwanted symptoms.


The second portion of the assessment if called the HRV, Heart Rate Variability and this test measures your respiratory system and cardiovascular system to determine their functionality and whether or not they are working effectively together.

The final portion of the assessment is the IVA, Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test which is specially designed to determine the presence of any attention disorders. It measures your brain’s attention, sensory processing as well as impulsivity and gives clinicians a special insight into how your brain works.

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The American Institute Of Architects Is A Noble Organization With A History Of Strong Leadership

     In 2010, Robert Ivy was appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which is an organization that represents licensed architects as well as experts in the construction and design fields. Ivy is also the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record and has been so since 1996. He also works with McGraw-Hill Construction as its Editorial Director and Vice President and focuses his efforts with the latter on ensuring that the quality of the publication is top-notch. For over a decade, he partnered up with Dean/Dale who was a managing partner at Ivy Architects where Ivy served as a principal.

In 2009, Robert Ivy received the Crane Award, and the very next year Alpha Rho Chi bestowed the title of Master Architect on him. Before coming aboard with the AIA, he has always advocated for architects and focused his energies on environmental issues, social issues, political issues, and other challenges that face the industry. He does the same now that he is a part of the organization. He will also now guide 206 employees at the AIA’s Washington, DC office and work with 300 other chapters that exist all over the world. In 2010, George H. Miller, the President of the AIA expressed that himself and the rest of the organization are thrilled to have Ivy on board and that his experience and leadership will greatly benefit the AIA. Robert Ivy, himself, commented, back in 2010, that he has always been proud to be a part of the AIA, and that he is committed to helping it to succeed and make the profession of architecture one that is respected and appreciated.

The AIA was founded in 1857 in New York City by 13 architects who wished to lift up the prominence of architecture. Before the organization got off of the ground, there were no schools of architecture or any way to know if someone was actually a real architect or not; simply because there was no licensing process or any kinds of laws back then related to the industry. The AIA has its main headquarters in Washington, DC but has other chapters and offices all over the globe. Some of the main purposes of the organization’s existence have to do with advocating in the government, educating the public and its own members, redeveloping communities to make the world a better place, and reaching out to the public to seek support and improve the image of the profession, overall.

Robert Ivy currently heads-up the AIA as its CEO, and earlier in life, he studied at the University of the South in Tennessee where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree. He went on to received a Master’s in Architecture while attending Tulane University, Louisiana.

End Citizens United to Endorse Conor Lamb in Special Election

     The 2018 Midterm Elections are going to have all of the eyes in the political world. Democrats will be seeking a blue wave that they can ride into Washington D.C., thus fundamentally wrestling control away from what has largely been a disastrous Republican-led administration. However, the Midterm Elections won’t be the only important elections going on in 2018. On March 13th, Democrat Conor Lamb will go up against Republican Rick Saccone in a Special Election for the vacant seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th District. Traditionally, this is a deep-red area but thanks to an endorsement from End Citizens United, as well as a surging in progressive momentum, Conor Lamb may actually have a chance.

If Conor Lamb is going to have any shot to take down Saccone, he is going to need the aid of End Citizens United to help get out the vote. End Citizens United is a determined political action committee that has been emphatic in their desire to champion campaign finance reform in order to take control back from billionaire and millionaire lobbyists. End Citizens United was established two years ago and they were instrumental in fundraising for various progressive candidates in the 2016 election cycle. End Citizens United chose to endorse Conor Lamb thanks to his willingness to stump for legislative changes regarding the 2010 SCOTUS decision surrounding Citizens United as well as his desire to push other progressive policies in his seat.

Conor Lamb is only 33-years-old but he has already won over quite a chunk of the voting bloc in Pennsylvania. Lamb has a direct connection to both mill towns and rural towns and support from the labor unions has been a huge shot in the arm. Saccone, meanwhile, has seen his profile raised thanks to an endorsement-by-Tweet from President Trump. While President Trump certainly serves to raise Saccone’s profile, it may not be what Saccone wants to hear right now. The last person to receive Trump’s full vote of confidence was Roy Moore who ended up falling to Doug Jones in a historic Special Election in Alabama.

End Citizens United has been instrumental in bringing energy to the progressive political world. Since Trump took office, Democrats have been able to flip 34 state seats compared to just 4 for Republicans. Democrats have also scored a governor’s seat as well as a Senate seat, the aforementioned Doug Jones. Now, End Citizens United and Conor Lamb will do their part to push the momentum forward.

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Sailing Architectural Heights in American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects is an organization for professional architectures currently under the leadership of Robert Ivy. The organization is known for molding the best architecture professionals and offer licenses to their architects. It also serves as architectures profession advocate. The American Institute of architects have a bookstore that offers the best architect and design books, and they offer ten percent discount to their members when they purchase.


American Institute of Architects advocates for human rights and equity by ensuring no discrimination when it comes to business transactions and employment. They support policies that invest on properly designed civil infrastructure. They advocate for sustainable future by adopting policies that protect the environment and protect people from possible impacts of climate change. The organization supports federal policies that enable small firms to thrive and also contribute to the economy. The American Institute of Architects also helps young people to access to education for them to join the architecture profession.


The American Institute of Architects members are dedicated to the best ethical and standards. Members comply fully with the regulations and laws hence protecting the integrity of the professions and reputation of the organization. The organization adheres to the National Ethics Committee’s attribution of credit guidelines. The responsibilities for all members are well outlined and comprehensive guidelines provided. Every member of the American Institute of Architects is committed to the highest standards of competence, integrity, and professionalism. Members are guided by the American Institute of architect’s codes of ethics, and they apply to every professional activity of all members irrespective of their membership class. All the organization members have an advantage of using the American Institute of architect’s designation.


The American Institute of Architects is an organization where architects and designers meet to share their knowledge, experience, connect with others and be involved. The American Institute membership will connect you to other professions who have the passion for design, architecture and build an environment and opportunities that help in the molding of architecture professions, policies, and practices. The organization has resources and tools that support architects of all stages from those learning to those with experience in the field.

About Robert Ivy

He is a warm, wise and soft-spoken architecture and journalist whose beliefs have a deep impact in various areas, from improving health to providing solutions for disasters. He is the current chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects with a focus on design, building, and construction of industries. His advice to architectures is that they should always think beyond their field.

The American Institute of Architects Celebrates 160 Years of Excellence

     In 2017, the American Institute of Architects celebrated its 160th birthday. The industry and the institution that represents it have come a long ways over that time span. But the basic principles on which the founders based the organization have proven to be timeless. In the United States, the public’s confidence in the built environment is, perhaps, as high as its ever been. The fact that so few catastrophes relating to the quality of buildings and their design happen in a country so vast is testament to the extreme efficacy with which the American Institute of Architects has executed its mission.

The AIA today

Today, the American Institute of Architects is the de facto model for all such organizations across the globe. It serves as a standard bearer and as a model of ethical uprightness, showing the world what is possible with high standards and ethics. The institution has maintained the rigor and professionalism of the American architectural industry at a level that has been unsurpassed throughout the history of its existence.

All of this has resulted in America becoming the soil upon which the most important architectural schools of the last 150 years have planted their seed and grown to fruition. Even schools that did not originate in the United States, such as Neoclassicism, Beaux Arts and Art Deco, have found their wings in cities across the United States, particularly in the high grandeur of the skyscrapers in cities like Detroit, New York and Chicago. Other schools of architecture, such as the Victorian and Italianate styles that were so popular with wealthy home owners throughout the second half of the 19th century, can almost be fully credited as uniquely American creations, at least in their specific implementations. All of this was made possible by having a strong professional organization that instilled confidence in the public and ensured that the country’s top talent was both recognized and promoted.

The American Institute of Architects is, today, run by renowned architect, scholar and biographer Robert Ivy. During his tenure, the organization has continued to expand, today counting over 90,000 members in its ranks. The institution bequeaths fellowships and awards, with the position of Fellow and the AIA Gold Medal respectively being its highest honors. All of the most brilliant luminaries of American architecture have been high ranking members in the institution, including such names as Frank Lloyed Wright, Daniel Burnham and William LeBaron Jenney

James Dondero and Highland Capital Have Done it Again

Dallas Zoo is now home to the new Simmons Hippo Post. This gigantic habitat for the world’s third largest land mammal is over two acres and exceeds 100,000 gallons of aquatic living space for the hippopotamuses, Adhama (male) and Biopelo (female). James Dondero, founder and head, of Highland Capital Lp donated $1,000,000 towards the completion of this project.

Known around the world for his philanthropic acts, James Dendero and his organization financially supports charities each year to the tune of three million dollars. Other known beneficiaries of the compassionate gifts from Dondero’s Highland Capital Management include: Perot Museum of Nature and Science, American Heart Association, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Centre of Brain Health.

The efforts of James Dondero and Highland Capital does not necessarily stop only with a donation. Additional support has been provided to former recipients of the donated funds in the form of leadership mentoring and other guidance monitoring. The mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, was awe-inspired by how the Highland Capital employees have been instrumental in this effort of environmental conservation by volunteering, serving on the board, and making other painstaking devotions to seeing the vision to fruition.

After the death of Hippo Papa, Dallas Zoo has waited 15 years for the return of their beloved hippos. The concerted force of other philanthropists with James Dondero and Highland Capital have helped to make Dallas Zoo’s Simmons Hippo Post a true success. With statistics of attracting one million visitors each year, Dallas Zoo has projections of much increase with the new addition of the hippo waterhole.


NuoDB Will Adapt to Any Environment for the best Performance Possible

NuoDB allows you to make optimizations around not only replication and storage, but also around redundancy as well, without any limitations. You can run NuoDB in any environment of your choice and even preserve support for various security models. Messages between all NuoDB processes are also automatically encrypted for extra security.

NuoDB lets you maximize all of your resources across data centers within range and also lets you minimize any latencies through its automated data locality. Its in-memory caches automatically adjust for the best performance possible and you can add or remove scale-out power without stopping SQL database services.

NuoDB lets you withstand failure at all levels without the risk I=of bringing down your application. NuoDB lets you integrate policy management and cloud tools through its REST interface and you can also migrate applications to its distributed and cloud database.

NuoDB’s cloud database innovation makes it possible to deliver a smarter database that can adapt to a wide array of environments and will help you to optimize your time and money. NuoDB combines elasticity, scale-out simplicity, and availability with consistency and durability that the modern day word demands. NuoDB can and will adapt and keep up to any type of environment.