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Talk Fusion Launches New Products in the Market

A good business is one that covers all bases – its profit margins and most importantly, the growth of the people that make it up. An organization should be able to grow with its people. Talk Fusion is an exciting video marketing tool that offers a multitude of products that are mostly accessible by its vibrant and daring clientele.

Talk Fusion is in the business of making products for broadcasting, conferencing and social networking. Its main use is the sharing of video communication. It provides a platform for its clientele to upload and save their videos and send the same to others without necessarily providing a link to that video like is the norm. The video is embedded in the email.

To cater for its associates, Talk Fusion has since launched an amazing new website . The point of this new website is to integrate Talk Fusion’s associates into the company in a way that is more fulfilling and filled with incentive. This is a new feature in direct selling companies because Talk Fusion is the first of these to pay its associates instantly through its Instant Pay Compensation Plan.

The new website, together with the launch of Talk Fusion’s newly redone website cater for more than the pay of the associates. It is a personal growth forum. The new website provides associates with an opportunity to access a highly motivating video by CEO and founder Bob Reina where he gets to share his experience and vision for the company. The video presentation helps associates also learn more about Talk Fusion, the ground breaking features, how Talk Fusion operates and how the Company is beneficial to a world full of technology.

Talk Fusion has helped grow ordinary people, small entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes. It is innovative and it is functional. It is kind to its associates and aims to grow them as well. That is just one of the features that make Talk Fusion a company that is worth its while.

Securus Technologies, the Innate Phone Call Provider Announces Adoption of its New Video Visitation App for Apple and Android Devices

The largest provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions, Securus Technologies announced that their earlier launched Inmate Video Phone Calls product have effectively been adopted by its users. The company that focuses mainly on offering solutions for corrections and monitoring, public safety and investigation have had its android version of its product downloaded more than 60,000 times after being unveiled 6 months ago. It apple version of their product that was unveiled like a week ago had accumulated 5,000 downloads. This is as reported in PR Newswire. See,

During the event, the Vice President of the Marketing and Strategy Company, Russell Roberts hailed the mobile app explaining that it represented an alternative way for families and friends to connect in a simple way, much more expedient than to visit their imprisoned love ones. Before that, family and friends who wanted to communicate with their loved ones were required to make phone calls or visit them in prison. Securus America had exploited this niche and opted to bring more option to the whole process of visitation. The new video visit app was meant to save the consumer the trouble of rigidness associated with prisons and jails visitations, making the process more effective for anyone involved.

As originally reported in PR Newswire, the app was to allow families and friends to make video calls to their inmates loved ones, allowing them to share in special social moments including sporting events, birthdays, burial and holidays, giving the loved ones an opportunity to feel at home, in a way that phone calls can never achieve.

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