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Feminists Aim to Close the Wikipedia Gender Gap

More than 90 percent of Wikipedia’s editors are male. Less than 5 percent of its superusers are female. Recently, Arts+Feminism held an edit-a-thon to boost the online encyclopedia’s coverage of women in the arts. Half the people who came to help improve Wikipedia’s content had no experience as editors, so it began with a Power Point presentation on how to do that. A Wiki Education Foundation employee explained the site’s concept of notability. This means the site wants a topic to have significant coverage in other sources. Arts+Feminism has been sponsoring these events since 2014.

Everybody’s who’s ever accomplished anything and everybody who ever hopes to accomplish something, needs a Wikipedia page of their own. Every business needs to make a Wikipedia page. That may sound outrageous, but that’s only because we’re so conditioned to think of ourselves and our businesses as small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. We may not be the president of the United States and our businesses may not be Apple, but we’re still important to ourselves, and so are our online reputations. When a prospective employer or client searches for you on Google, wouldn’t it impress them to see you create a Wiki page? Of course it would. Unfortunately, too many people and businesses fail to use this tremendous resource for enhancing their online reputations.

One good reason for that failure is that it’s not an easy, do-it-yourself project. You can fill out your own LinkedIn profile and set up your Facebook Fan Page, and if you make a few mistakes, they’re not fatal. But Wikipedia, with good reason, is fearful of people using it for self-promotion. They need to protect their reputation for accuracy and avoiding spam. Therefore, you need to hire Wikipedia experts from a professional Wiki editing service who know the site’s policies to write the page and submit it to the site for you. It may read a lot differently than your website, but that doesn’t matter. Having a Wikipedia page is what’s important. And once you have it up, you need to monitor it because your business competitors may maliciously edit the page. If you do business with customers around the world, you can also get your Wikipedia page translated into their languages. Therefore, check out what the Wikipedia writers for hire from Get Your Wiki can do for you.

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