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Why UKV PVLC is an Outstanding Wine Investment Company

Wine is a beverage consumed widely in the United Kingdom on several occasions. It is a refreshing drink that has numerous health benefits. According to Statista wine consumption in UK in 2015 was 20.4 liters per head. In the light of this statistics, it is evident that wine industry has a lot of investment potential. Additionally, wine investment is an attractive venture considering that private investors are subject to zero taxes.

However, not all wines in the market are investment wines. As an investor, you have to do a research to determine the best wine investment company; one that will give you good returns and has potential to grow. For investors in the UK market, one of the best wine companies to consider is UKV PVLC.


UKV PVLC was founded in 2015. To date, the company has vineyards in Spain, France and Italy. UKV PVLC was established with the aim of producing the most prestigious wine labels for clients. As an investment company, UKV PVLC focuses mainly on customers who are interested in purchasing the lucrative wine for future financial gain.

Benefits of UKV PVLC

First, UKV PVLC has a total of six products in the market today. They include
– Champagne for personal consumption
– Italian for both financial gain and consumption
– Investment wines for financial gain (from Europe)
– Spanish for consumption (from Cataliona)
– Bordeaux for consumption and Burgundy for financial gain
Second, UKV PVLC main aim is to ensure that traders are supplied with high-quality wine. It is a standalone company that works with merchants, brokers, and traders to find the best wine for clients. Moreover, the company acts as a broker on behalf of clients who wish to sell fine grade wine. Note that brokerage services are offered to clients who adhere to the UK regulated bond.

Lastly, UKV PVLC has a team of consultants whose aim is to offer insights on the best wine and champagne for different occasions.


Wine investment is a worthwhile venture for those who are looking to diversify their investment portfolios. By working with companies UKV PVLC, you can increase your earnings significantly, both in the short- and long-term.

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Traveling Vineyard Wine Club

Traveling Vineyard is a multi-level marketing corporation. Its primary product for sale is wine, which is available in 3 different varieties: white, red, fizzy and sweet.

It also sells other accessories such as openers, chillers, and decanters. The company is a member of Direct Selling Association.

How it Works

To start earning, you have to join the company as a Wine Guide. It has a compensation plan which determines whether you will have a great income opportunity or not. The Wine Guides have their wineries which sell wine to host and guests.

You are paid 35 % of your generated orders from your winery as a personal marketing fee. Payments are made three times a month on specific days. Ideally, you can earn up to $100 per event which is interesting.

Bonuses such as trips are given to those who perform well in the business. The wine guides also have a chance to build new Wine Guides through a mentorship program. Traveling Vineyard pays them for coaching the new Wine Guides.

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– You work independently as you market the company and your winery.
– You get good commissions per sales as a Wine Guide.
– They have an excellent mentorship program for newbies.
– You get paid for coaching new Wine Guides.
– You get access to your personal website for free for the first three months.

Social Media Presence

The company has built a solid online presence hence reaching the younger consumers; by using effective digital marketing strategies. Its domination can be seen on Instagram and Facebook where anybody can associate to the Traveling Vineyard brand.