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The Remarkable Whitney Wolfe And The Technological Feminist Movement

Whitney Wolfe progressed in the business of technology apps in her early twenties. She has proven herself to be someone that stands alone as a leader. She is not a follower even though there are so many blueprints for dating apps to follow.

The resilience of the young Southern Methodist University graduate has been remarkable. She left one of the most popular dating app companies in the world at a time where it was growing even more. She left this company to start from the ground up and create her own.

For a woman that is under the age of 30 it seemed like an incredible feat, but Whitney Wolfe has done this like a seasoned professional. Some might say that she is seasoned since Tinder was partly her idea, but she could not keep looking in the mirror at previous success. She had to evolve.

Whitney Wolfe did not want to have women in a position where they will be bullied when it came to apps that is why she allows ladies to make the first move. This is what Bumble was about. This is what caused all the hype and led women that were tired of social media apps and dating apps that were developed by men.

What Whitney Wolfe has done is create a movement by creating a feminist dating app. She could not have picked a better time to create a dating app. In the wake of the #MeToo movement she creates a new environment for those that have been subjected to sexual harassment on other apps like Tinder.

In the mist of all the lawsuits that are going back and forth between Tinder and Bumble it appears to get even more people are discovering Bumble and getting a glimpse of what Whitney Wolfe created. People are digesting her back story and becoming aware that she is a fearless leader that is turning the page when it comes to dating app technology.

More people want to know more about this business leader that is giving women a platform that they did not have before. She is also conquering other areas of social media and changing the perspective of dating apps and the way that women approach men.

This was something where she had to flip the script and present a totally new way for singles to interact. She also wanted women in business to interact with Bumble.

The Competence of Julie Zuckerberg in offering Recruitment Solutions.

The strength of the workforce of a particular company is substantially determined by the talents of the employees. Hiring the best talents is usually difficult since one cannot notice if a person is talented by using a simple interview process. It is necessary to have a recruitment expert to assist in acquiring the best employee in various sectors. Julie Zuckerberg is a successful woman who has gained a lot of experience for the past 15 years that she has worked in the industry. She has worked for various organizations and is currently an employee of the Deutsche Bank where she acts as the executive talents acquisitions manager. Zuckerberg is a licensed attorney. She has a Juris Doctor from the New York Law School and also attended the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she majored in philosophy.


Julie Zuckerberg has accomplished a lot in her profession. She has been hired as a head of recruitments in various organizations. In November 2002, Hudson offered her a job as a candidate placement director. She served the firm up to October 2007, and her role was to recruit new employees for its clients. Hudson is a company that has been trusted for the staffing services that it offers. The primary customers that it serves include financial institutions, law firms, and renowned corporations in various industries. Julie specialized in hiring attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and individuals who were skilled in different sectors. She assisted the firm in acquiring employees who were needed on a temporary and permanent basis. Zuckerberg was devoted to ensuring that the professionals that she offered jobs were provided with excellent working conditions.


The passion of the recruitment expert drives her to want to achieve more in the industry. After serving Hudson for five years, she joined Citi Global Functions where she had been offered a better position. She served it as the executive recruiter, and her role was to employ top experts in the auditing, legal, and compliance fields. Zuckerberg also facilitated the adoption of excellent recruitment techniques such as direct sourcing, internet search, and employee referral. She assisted the firm in bettering its staff through the outstanding strategies that she used. The company depended on her to tackle clawbacks, awards, promotions, immigrations, relocation of expatriates, and equity buyouts.


Zuckerberg was also an employee of The New York Life Insurance. She served for a few months as an executive recruiter before being offered a job by Deutsche Bank. Julie has been serving as the organization’s executive talent acquisition manager and has played a significant role in bettering the recruitment criteria that it uses in global talent acquisition. She led the process of hiring top executives such as managing directors. Julie is in charge of coaching the recruitment experts that she leads. Her service at the firm has assisted it in strengthening its workforce.


Julie Zuckerberg is devoted to making contributions towards various courses. She supports human rights, civil rights, animal welfare, and economic progress. The recruitment guru is also interested in art, photography, and technology.


Doe Deere’s Dazzling Success

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the type of woman that makes you take notice, the moment that she walks into the room. She has a certain way about her that captures your attention. Perhaps, it is her pastel colored hair or her delightful way of dressing. She walks closer and you realize that her makeup is quite charming and making a rather bold statement. Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. This woman entrepreneur has created a line of bright and innovative makeup that is for the woman that is unapologetic. Doe Deere is the perfect representative for this type of makeup company.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime back in 2008. She created this innovative makeup line out of a personal need. The problem was that she had difficulty finding the type of bold and dramatic colors that she desired. Generally, the makeup lines in the department stores were all beige, white, or browns. This was totally out of the question for Deere. She became obsessed with creating dramatic colors. Colorful makeup became her badge of honor and her staple. Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies that focused on Internet sales. They made shopping a very interactive experience for their shoppers. The interactive shopping experience created an instant success with their customers. Doe Deere truly believes that the key to success is making customers happy.

Biggest Achievements
Of course, Doe Deere believes that one of her best achievements was her very first achievement. That achievement was starting her own very successful makeup company, Lime Crime. Deere believes that her latest achievement is one of the biggest too. She revolutionized the makeup world with the introduction of liquid-to-matte lipstick. This lipstick is very durable and stays on all day. Amazingly, it does not smudge or transfer to other things. Deere worked closely with her chemist to bring this innovative lipstick to the consumer market. Deere would also like people to know that the new line of liquid-to-matte fits in with her other products that are Vegan and cruelty free.

Surprisingly, Doe Deere is one successful entrepreneur that has a few regrets. Her biggest regret is that she did not start sooner. Deere states that she held the idea in her head for years, before actually starting the makeup company. Deere believes that you should go for your dreams and be fearless. In addition, Deere believes that you should trust your own instincts. The fact is that a lot of people have a gut feeling about something. It might be about starting a business, a new job, or even moving to another location. They don’t follow their gut feeling. Instead, they go with ideas other people force on them. Deere strongly believes that those gut feelings lead you in the right direction.

Susan McGalla gives Tips to Women on how to succeed in Business

Susan McGalla has defied many odds to become among the most respected business personalities in America. While the business and social landscapes have changed to give women more opportunities to prosper, the natural dispositions of women often make it hard for them to thrive in business. For instance, despite the fact that government agencies and organizations on have already set precedence in empowering women to rise through the ranks of leadership, only a few women hold executive positions in the institutions.

According to McGalla, a majority of women fail to achieve their potential as leaders because they are afraid of venturing into risky ventures. McGalla argues that being a leader requires one to be ready to engage in tough tasks that often demand total commitment and a readiness to take responsibility for any outcome. By acquiring professional skills and being confident, McGalla affirms that women can also be political and business leaders whose abilities can drive countries and companies to prosperity.

Susan McGalla is a leading financial advisor whose skills have been vital in helping major companies achieve their financial goals. She has been practicing as a financial expert since 1989 when she was employed by Joseph Home Company. She then moved to American Eagle Outfitters where she rose through the managerial positions to become the chief marketing officer and president of one of the firm’s subsidiaries.

McGalla has always remained driven and focused on excellence and integrity. When Susan McGalla founded her firm, she provided consultancy services focused on ensuring that her clients remained financially sound and on the right track towards attaining their organizational objectives. To her women clients, she challenges them to approach commercial ventures with confidence and to acquire the necessary skills needed to run them efficiently.

Throughout her career, McGalla remains committed to promoting ethical business practices on She is a strong enforcer of business integrity arguing that businesspeople must always encourage hard work, versatility, and passion among their employees. This way, every person will be capable of achieving their dreams regardless of their gender.

To the women, McGalla has been on the forefront in setting up charitable programs that target women and women affairs. For instance, McGalla set up P3 Executive Consulting. The organization provides consultancy services to prospective businesspeople. It specializes in financial services, marketing, brand designs, and talent management. She also empowers women by enabling them to develop their leadership abilities and confidence. She encourages women to become more involved in matters that relate to social and economic leadership.

The Future Outlook of Doe Deere and Lime Crime

When it comes to cosmetic companies, there are a lot out there that you can choose from and it can be sometimes confusing for you to know which companies are the right choice for you. This is why so many people are making the decision to go with more natural and vegan-friendly companies when it comes to picking out makeup that they feel they can trust. One of the best companies out there is owned by a woman known as Doe Deere and it is known as Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is one of the top makeup companies on the market to this day and they continue to grow to be one of the best companies you could possibly choose for yourself. The reason Lime Crime is so popular is because of the fact that it offers different colors and palettes to those who are looking to change up their look without doing anything too dramatic. This is a great company that you can choose because they are also completely vegan and all of their products are cruelty free. This is a passion for many people and it is why Doe Deere has chosen to implement these options into her makeup brand.

Doe Deere is the owner and creator of the Lime Crime brand of makeup and she takes it upon herself to answer any and all inquiries about the company and its products. In fact, you will be able to visit Doe Deere and her social media accounts to learn more about what she is doing at the moment and any new products that are being introduced into the line itself. This is an option for those who truly love the makeup brand and want to know what is going on at all times so that they are able to pick up products before they sell out.

Because of the fact that many of her new products sell out quite quickly, it is a good idea for you to sign up for email updates on the website so that you can be alerted if new products are being introduced into the Lime Crime brand. Doe Deere has taken it upon herself to truly grow this company to be one of the top cosmetic brands in the industry and it is why so many people flock to this brand for great products that they know we’re truly going to work and deliver in terms of high performance and lasting cosmetics. Read more:

Because of the fact that it can also be very expensive to purchase cosmetics from any type of brand out there, it is important that you choose a brand you can trust and know that it is going to deliver in terms of the quality that you’re looking for with the makeup you are wearing. Doe Deere and her brand known as Lime Crime can definitely help you to totally change up your look and have you feeling and looking your absolute best when compared to any other type of makeup that happens to be out there.

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Who Is Doe Deere, Why Is She Making Headlines, and What Can You Learn from Her?

Well, she was not born into royalty or anything like that. In fact, she was born in Russia, where she remained a normal child and teenager until she was about eighteen. Upon her arrival in the United States, Doe Deere embarked on a music career. After marrying her husband, Mark, the two started a fairytale rock band and began sharing their eccentricity with the public. On the side, Deere created some pretty stellar dresses that she sold on eBay.

As Doe would sing on stage and stitch outrageous dresses on the side, she felt that something was lacking in her life. Perhaps it was a domain name? Well, it was, and her website needed a name. Lime Crime immediately popped into her head and, thankfully, it was available! Why stop at dresses, though? Well, she did not, and began crafting some pretty vibrant, quirky makeup that only the most daring individuals would apply. Shockingly enough, Deere was not the only one bold enough to rock some neon shades, and Lime Crime, as well as its CEO, skyrocketed into stardom.

Haters, Haters Everywhere!

Most people become the victim of cyberbullying a time or two and, chances are, hearing Deere’s name usually means that somebody is being negative. Though she was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine, the Queen of Unicorns has still fallen victim to internet bullies. How does she rise above, you ask? She simply ignores them and continues her daily business. Describing the internet as a very awesome but strange place allows Deere to differentiate between fact and fiction on a daily basis.

What Can You Learn from Deere?

Aside from some amazing makeup techniques (though Deere describes herself as being bad at makeup application), you can learn to be yourself from this vibrant being. Even more importantly, you can learn to rise above anybody who tries to surround you with negativity, and that toxicity spewed from bullies says nothing about you, but speaks volumes about them. As Deere encourages her fans to be themselves no matter what, bullies become more insignificant in life.

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Helane Morrison the Influential Corporate Woman

In the past women have been denied positions of leadership since they were regarded as the weaker sex. Over the years, the status quo has changed, and our societies have embraced the virtue of equality. Women have been empowered and even granted various leadership positions for instance in the government.


A good example of the bold and intelligent females is Helane Morrison. She has greatly made a name in history. Helane Morrison received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. She later attended the University of California-Berkeley School of Law and acquired her Juris Doctor degree. It was at Berkeley that Morrison became the Editor-in-Chief of the university’s law review, putting her journalism knowledge to work.


After effectively beating the lawyer exam, Ms. Morrison picked up various decent clerkships with Judge Posner on the Seventh Circuit and after that Justice Harry A. Blackmun. Helane worked for the SEC as the leader of its San Francisco office more than five years. She is additionally an individual from the fence stock investments subcommittee of the American Bar Association.


Helane was the Head of San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Her obligations in this firm included securities requirement, litigation, and managing compliance and administrative matters. Morrison then joined San Francisco’s Hall Capital Partners, which oversees about $22 billion for rich individuals and organizations.


Helane L. Morrison takes up the role of the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC; a fund management organization implied for the wealthy. The firm serves the super-high network markets by offering a range of investments products such as hedge funds and private equity investments. The firm is proudly independent and has been achieving vastly under the leadership of Helane.


Helane is a lady with a well-defined personal character. Ms. Morrison has been a campaigner and supporter of upkeep of high moral and trustworthiness standards. Morrison vigorously works shielding Hall Capital customers from corrupt merchants of the money related world. She is among the few individuals who have been sufficiently intense to fight and battle the exploitative practices out of the entrepreneurial world.


Helane Morrison assumed a major part in uncovering the malpractices and corruption that prompts the global financial crisis that happened in August of 2007. Amid her 11 years at the SEC, Helane Morrison has headed different high-level profile implementation activities including top administrators from customers, for example, Google and Hewlett-Packard and has uncovered corrupt auditors.

Athleisure Has A Few Rules Every Woman Can Try

All the women who are wearing athleisure need to know what the new rules are as they start wearing their clothes. Fabletics does not even necessarily conform to these rules even though they started the trend, but some people will want to have some rules just to be sure that they are doing something that looks good and feels good. All women have a lot of choices when they are getting dressed, and they can test out the rules on their own.

The basic idea is that women are wearing workout wear in the real world, and that means that they have to make sure that they are wearing it in a stylish way. Fabletics is a brand that made a lot of extra pieces for women who want to pair their athleisure with other clothes, and it also helps women look great. Kate Hudson wanted Fabletics to be as simple as possible, and now she in the middle of the athleisure revolution.

Every woman can follow the rules easily because they make sense for everyone. Women are asked to keep it seasonal, go with neutrals when needed, accessorize well, dress for the occasions the right way and make sure to get as much function out of all the pieces. The form and function of athleisure is very important to people like Kate Hudson because she made the brand to be easy for women to wear. Women should not make things hard on themselves, and women should have a lot of pieces to mix and match.

The runs are just guidelines that might be helpful, and people who look into other parts of athleisure will find out that they can wear anything they want like Kate Hudson or other stars. There are only basic rules that people think women should try, but there are not hard and fast rules there are for other things in the fashion industry and that’s Fabletics stands for according to Marie Claire.

All women can look their best, and they can wear something that is really simple. Perhaps start with the rules before moving on to more daring designs and ideas for wearing athleisure clothes.

Doe Deere Time for Lime Crime

What do you think of when you hear the words “Lime Crime”? Well for the Queen of Unicorns, Doe Deere, it’s her own cosmetic company dream come true! Lime Crime is a cosmetic brand founded by flashy owner Doe Deere, a pink haired princess leading her way in the beauty and make-up industry.

Doe Deere had an inspiring dream and passion to share her love of cosmetics with the world. Deere moved to the United States from Russia when she was only 17 years old. Picking up her roots in New York City, she set her sites on music and made her way into the Big Apple as a young musician. It was in New York City she met her husband, who also turned out to be one of her band mates.

It was as a young musician Deere began to learn the in’s and out’s of business and marketing. Even as a child, she was out selling temporary tattoos to other students broadening her entrepreneur skills! It is no wonder she leads the way in the beauty industry as a successful business owner.

The Queen of Unicorns credits Lime Crime’s success to the bright and unusual colors which are hard to find in the cosmetic world. Lime Crime is all about being yourself, and being able to express yourself in any way you like. It is that reason why Lime Crime has been such a huge success. It calls and reaches out to many young women who are trying to express themselves, to live life to its full potential.

Doe Deere calls all her fans Unicorns. Unicorns are rare, beautiful, one of a kind creatures who are proud of who they are. Lime Crime is like a Unicorn, proud for what it stands for, not afraid of a label or its eye-popping colors. Much like a Unicorn, the Unicorns of Lime Crime are brave, daring, and wish to set a name for themselves.

Lime Crime is Doe Deere’s personal rainbow. Her gift of colors, beauty, and her own personal Unicorn. Proud of her position and drive in the beauty and cosmetic industry, Lime Crime is paving the way for all Unicorns to express themselves with rainbows and sparks of light.

QNET: Creating Opportunities For Women

The workplace is as full with women as it is with men, which is creating a scenario that changes the dynamics of their home life. This has created the need to look for better opportunities that give us a preferable work-life balance. Starting a business that allows us to become our own bosses is one of the ways this is being remedied. Due to the high cost of starting a traditional business, many of us have opted to seek other options. Direct selling is one of the ways available for us to have our own businesses that don’t have astronomical start-up costs. The low cost entry provides a low risk way to access the business world.

In celebrating International Women’s Day, QNET, a key player in the Asia direct industry, is continuing in its bid to develop entrepreneurship in young women. The United States Agency International Development (USAID) says that the development of women leaders is very important. It says its the only way a society can thrive is by allowing women equal rights as men and opportunities to become the breadwinners in their families. 

QNET offers women an opportunity to join as a direct seller and work at their own schedules. This flexibility allows them the potential to earn, but they can only achieve their goals if they’re dedicated.

Believe, and you can achieve. #QNET #SuccessTips

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About QNET
QNET is a leading direct sales company in Asia, our focus is on assisting people at the grass-roots level rise through entrepreneurship. Our model is based on the need to improve the lively hood of our Independent Representatives (IRs) who are QNET distributors by providing business opportunities. Through our IRs, QNET impacts families and communities making them self-sufficient.

QNET is founded and driven by RYTHM and In-Service philosophies. RYTHM is an acronym that stands for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. This stands for helping others in their quest to succeed for us to be successful ourselves. QNET is inspired by Gandhi whose life and work made him a great leader and derives its principles from his example.

THIS IS OUR WHY – New #QNET Mandalay Office Donates Food To Monks: #billionhearts

Posted by QNET (Official) on Monday, March 7, 2016

In-Service is an aspect of a leader that encourages humility as we serve others. Our founders built the company in recognition of our greatest assets, people. Through people, the organization grows and enlarges its footprint on those it can affect positively.

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