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The Birth of an Electro Legend: The Story of the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is one of the most successful electronic music groups of the last couple of years. Their tracks have sold for thousands of dollars, and their music is at the top of the most listened music in the electro genre, both at Spotify and iTunes.

It all started as a dream from two DJs who wanted to produce music in the genre. The international success of the Chainsmokers didn’t begin until Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the duo that began it all, met, with the help of a mutual record manager they had.

Alex Pall was already a DJ by hobby, and he would occasionally perform to his friends and to some strangers, but it wasn’t his full-time job or any serious career path he was already considering. Alex Pall was on the University of New York where he was learning History of Art and more about the industry, and already had a stable job.

Alex Pall, then, started to gain more popularity in the vicinity. The community liked him and encouraged him to find a record manager. DJing was Alex Pall’s biggest passion, and he did want to take it as far as he could, so he did find the manager that would later introduce him to Andrew Taggart.

Andrew Taggart was on the same boat. He was already at college before meeting his future partner and liked electronic music way before electronic became popular. As he loves to remember, he used to be called weird for listening to electronic music, and people thought he probably had some kind of problem. However, with the explosive success of DJs like Avicii and Skrillex, electronic became much more common, and Andrew Taggart started to get interested in the industry, hoping to produce his own tracks and albums.

The dream of the duo became more of a reality than what they initially expected. The pair received awards and nominations recognizing their talent, like the Best Electronic Music Artist nomination from American Music Awards of 2018. Their biggest hits, like “Something Just Like This,” “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down” scored millions of downloads and are incredibly famous in pop culture and among enthusiasts.

Kim Dao Talk About The Places In Osaka That Should Be On Your Travel Itinerary

Kim Dao, who posts YouTube videos about beauty subjects and living in Japan, recently shared her own Osaka Travel Guide which outlined many of the things to see and do in this popular tourist destination.

There are 15 things you need to do in Osaka in order to get the full experience, Kim Dao says. Among these are the sights to see such as a huge shopping complex in downtown Osaka. It’s a very long series of stores along a street that has everything one would want to buy. She also shows us what is called the “American Village” which has tons of items imported from the United States plus stores selling vintage goods. Learn more:

A good place to eat in Osaka, Kim Dao says, Is Pablo. It has great cheesecakes as well as cheese tarts. Kim Dao also says that Dotonbori is also another good place for food, a place with very good seafood.

A good place to eat in Osaka, Kim Dao says, Is Pablo. It has great cheesecakes as well as cheese tarts. Kim Dao also says that Dotonbori is also another good place for food, a place with very good seafood.

Kim Dao says that a must-see in Osaka is the Dotonbori River which is a great place to hang out. It’s usually pretty crowded so it’s lively but there are also boat cruises you can take in order to take in the sights of the city.

If you’re looking for souvenirs of your trip to Osaka a great place to go is Don Quijote. It has a lot of unique items you won’t find elsewhere, even in Osaka. Kim Dao also says that it’s always very busy and is filled with tourists all the time. Learn more:


Kim Dao Talks about her Upcoming Move

Kim Dao is an Australian YouTube personality with a huge, loyal following. In addition to blogging about beauty and makeup, Kim Dao is well-known for maintaining a personal relationship with her fans as she keeps them posted on the major aspects of her life. In a recent video, she talked about her plans to leave Japan. Although Kim Dao is Australian, it had always been her dream to live in Japan. After more than a year in the land of the rising sun, Kim Dao has decided that it is time to return to Japan in order to spend more time with her boyfriend and her family in Australia. Learn more:


In the video, Kim Dao thanked her viewers and followers for being so supportive of her during this transitional phase in her life. In fact, she mentioned that dozens of fans in the Tokyo area contacted her offering to help her with the move. According to Kim, she has made countless friends in Tokyo, and even though she has under a lot of stress during her time in Japan, the friends she has made have made all the difference. She hopes she can visit Tokyo often with her boyfriend after her return to Australia. Learn more: