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Glen Wakeman Does Business Right

When a start up business has a good idea and they need to make sure that everything goes right with it, there are many different professionals to talk who can boost the chances of things going right. One such professional is Glen Wakeman and he knows what it takes to get other businessmen off their backsides so they can get the ball rolling on great ideas. As a matter of fact, he does this everyday for a living. Lots of people do the same.


But, what makes him different from many of the rest in the crowd are his methods and results. It is quite simple, actually. Glen Wakeman likes to see others do well, just like he does. And, there is a high failure rate for businesses, especially when they are just starting out. It is because they lack structure in their execution of ideas (


So, what he does for a living gives them the discipline they lack to succeed. When it comes to the typical day of business for Glen, it starts out with a review of the previous day’s events and numbers. It then leads to the “old divide and conquers” strategy that works for so many other organizations. And, it ends with a drink.


Any many ways, he is just like any other working staff. Glen credits the success of his business due to verbal brainstorming with his team members and staff because he is smart enough to know that not every light bulb above the head turns out to be a good one. He has little to no use for a “yes” man and likes it when goods ideas come from inspiration as well as communication.


Curiosity is his ace in the hole as it as it allows him to see solutions to problems when they do not exactly present themselves to him. He is also a complicated man who feels a certain level of excitement on the subject of machine learning as a tool for solving problems in business. If he had it all to do over again, he says his one misstep is not staying in contact with all the good people he met on his way to the top (Video).


Dr. mark Holterman, One Man’s Amazing Contribution To The Medical World

All over the world, there are some truly notable causes that donate their money, effort and time to charitable endeavors. One of the most honorable among all charity work is work that aids the impoverished children of the world. One of the best organizations putting forth this kind of effort is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam or IPSAC-VN for short.


The IPSAC-VN works tirelessly to bring today’s most modern and advanced medical and surgical practices, working with medical facilities as well as schools within Vietnam to bring these services to ill children in the region. The work being done in Vietnam by IPSAC-VN is an effort to promote and create a self-sustaining the medical and educational environment, assisting in setting up the infrastructure to educate the medical professionals in the area.


Much of the work being done apart from the treatment of children in the area is to ensure an environment is created that fosters local advancement (Health.USNews). One of the largest contributors in time, energy, and financial contributions, is Dr. Mark Holterman.


Since 2011 Dr. Holterman has been a full-time professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine while also being C.E.O. and founder of Miriam Global Health ( Much of his time is spent advancing the medical health industry, specializing in research into an area of medicine that is truly taking off; regenerative medicine.


Dr. Holterman is the author of many peer-reviewed medical texts and presentations on topics like bariatric surgery which involves a range of procedures that are designed to help treat and manage obesity. His work in regenerative medicines and stem cell research have included a successful clinical trial in which a complete synthetic trachea was created using a patient’s bone marrow cells.


Much of his regenerative work has been focusing on the restoring of internal organs and other internal systems through cellular therapy. Cellular therapies can aid a patient in an extensive range of ways, every part of the body can see benefit from cellular therapies. Restoration of functionality, just one part of the amazing contributions made to the medical world by Dr. Mark Holterman.

Perry Mandera and His Success With Custom Co Inc.

For over 30 years, The Custom Companies Inc., has evolved into a leading corporation in their respective industry. Founded and owned by Perry Mandera, The Custom Companies is a logistics and transportation service, provider. Headquartered in North Lake, Illinois, they have developed three distinct technological methods to serve its clients. Below are the three:


  1. Cheetah Dispatch- Cheetah Dispatch is useful in providing The Custom Companies drivers with convenient information, such as specific pickup times and documents that show proof of delivery ( With the use of a satellite tablet, drivers can reduce their workload, resulting in a more efficient routine for drivers and clients.


  1. Warehouse Management System- Often known as WMS, this system is used in correlation with the company’s pick and pack service, allowing the tracking of inventory to be seamless. Because of these electronic systems, it is possible for customers to track packages through each step of the delivery.


  1. Dock Management Systems- Also known as DMS, this system also makes workflow simpler with the absence of paper, relying on special bar codes that are specific to each shipment (GazetteDay). Delays and errors are heavily reduced using this system.


With years of experience in the transportation industry, Perry Mandera has made his companies succeed at the highest level. In February 1986, Mandera started The Custom Companies Inc., and now they serve everyone from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies with their transportation and logistics needs. In 2000, Perry Mandera was declared one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association. An avid philanthropist, Perry Mandera has also donated and participated in various charities that have been geared towards youth and veteran organizations. Mr. Mandera has been married since 1989 and has two children. When referring to innovators in the transportation industry, Perry Mandera continues to be a staple in the field of transportation and logistics.


Stream Energy Defines Sustaibable Energy

Stream has introduced their customers to a rewards program as a part of their referral initiative at Stream. They have given away over $1 million dollars as a start. Their customers receive incentives for referring their family and friends. They ask that their network is referred as a trusted network and not for monetary gain. Their associates have the same incentive by referring other associates to their network and loyal customers with the commission. Their network is a win for everyone involved and they can earn great residual income (

There are a lot of energy corporations in Dallas fighting for customer loyalty, but Stream Energy was able to emerge as the leaders in renewable energy. Are you one of those customers paying excessive surcharges? Stream is a word-of-mouth industry who focuses on multi-leveling marketing to spread their name. They were brought to a network at a time when the Dallas Public Utility Commission was deregulating services. Their network was founded by Pierre Koshajki and Roy Snyder. Their daily operations is now overseen by once Chief Executive Officer, Larry Mousy, president of Stream (


Jorge Moll: The Morality Research And What Brain Damage Has To Do With It

There are many things you can read about Jorge Moll. In this article, we will try to tell you some of the things you might want us to answer about Jorge Moll. Most of the articles you can read today about Jorge Moll could vary, so the fact that there are so many things unintelligible about his research would not matter in this article since we can simplify it in this article ( We will try to solve the problematic issues in knowing about Mr. Jorge, so you can understand more about him than is possible when you’re reading other articles. Let’s start.


The Morality Research

There are many articles and research that dwell in the portfolio of Jorge Moll. One of them would be that one which was published in Washing Post. It was dated May 28, 2007, and that article was about how morality was being easily scanned using the atmosphere and medical tools that are usually done on surgery.


The specialty of Jorge Moll and what matters in his passion is the fact that he can find a connection between neural lines of the brain and the morality of a certain person . In the study, he’s able to gather a series of students without weakening the sampling quality of his research. Using these students, he’s able to gather enough empirical evidence that would show how much there is to be done in making sure that morality is guaranteed in people.


The research from Jorge Moll used a brain imaging system that incorporated psychological experiments without any intervention that involves surgery (IDOR). It’s also useful for you to know that Jorge Moll wanted a revolutionary process to get the connection between morality and bad genes.


About Jorge Moll

It is some the reverence and passion of Jorge Moll to use strategies that are able to connect neural damages in the brain and the probability of being immoral. Other than this research, it may be useful for you also to know that Jorge Moll worked with VHM Ventures, Instituto D’Or de Pesquisa e Ensino, and Stanford University. His work with the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke also makes Jorge Moll one of the most competent leaders in the neurological studies.

How to Avoid Holiday Depression – Neurocore

Neurocore is an incredible company here to provide new technology to better treat depression and other similar mental health issues. The most common types of depression they see is a holiday driven depression. This is where your life takes its toll hard during the holidays. Everything from buying gifts, to staying on a budget, to managing work, and to trying to live an ordinary life among the season, it can be tough and can cause stress and depression.

First, you need to take a step back. Take a walk. Take a break. Breathe. These are things you need to do to help you get away from it all. The season goes by quick. There’s pressure to do so much and be stressed out about a lot. When you take a breather, you’ll be better able to catch your breath again. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Sometimes we focus so much on ourselves and the family, we need to take our minds off of us and focus on other people. Try spending time volunteering and giving back. It could be a donation of either your money or time. Give back to the community. Step away from ordinary life and do good.

You should also consider working with a team of experts who can help you succeed. Neurocore is such a great company who provides incredible treatment using the most up to date technology. With their med-free neuro treatments, they can find solutions without medication. Their program and treatment is safe and easy to consume, not to mention are perfect for anyone struggling with depression. Their neurofeedback program after undergoing proper research on your current situation, they will help you get back on track to living your life to its fullest. Read more about Neurocore at

Sometimes, it can be tough to succeed and achieve that normal life again when you aren’t depressed. Neurocore can give you the solution to feeling good about yourself again and really find that happy place. Neurocore is very results-driven where they care deeply about your progress and how you move forward. They can give you the solution to grow your health the right way and and get yourself going.


The Dream Island That Chris Burch Owns Rated World’s Best Hotel Resort

What would you picture the world’s best hotel and resort to look like? If you guessed a place out in the South Pacific with white sand beaches and villas that were built among the trees with the most creative designs with linen curtains opening up your window to the freshest of air, then you certainly have matched the description of Nihiwatu Resort. This hotel resort was recently rated as the “World’s Best Hotel” by Business Insider and it’s all thanks to the work that Chris Burch’s creative mind put into it. Burch and his friend Tim McBride bought the property in 2013 and turned it into a dream place with more amenities and amazing scenery than it had had before. He also bought a house on the island overlooking the property that he visits at certain times of the year. This investment was over 40 years in the making for Burch.  More about this “World’s Best Hotel” in this link on

Chris Burch started his business career out as the founder of Eagle Eye Apparel. This company came from a small business that he and his brother were running in college where they would sell sweaters from a local factory door-to-door and make $5 in profit with each sale. As customers wanted more and more of these sweaters, Burch saw his profits steadily increase until he had enough cash to buy his own factory and hire employees. Refer to for additional reading.  Eagle Eye Apparel made hundreds of millions in sales and was eventually sold for a great price. Burch then started turning his attention to venture capital investing and bought shares in the Internet Capital Group and other telecom companies like Aliph and Powermat. He also owned part of the Tory Burch fashion brand.

A must-read article here.

He started Burch Creative Capital in 2008 as a place where unusual ideas could take root and receive funding. Some of the startups that have been seeded here include C. Wonder, Voss Water, Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, BaubleBar and Actua. Burch got into the hospitality and vacation property investment niche in 2004 when he became a partner of Alan Faena and the Buenos Aires Faena Hotel+Universe resort and later followed with a condo purchase as part of the Faena House. Burch also bought a $14 million property in Southampton followed by several others across the Northeast that were then renovated and resold for millions. Have a glimpse to an entrepreneur’s getaway, hit on

In addition to his real estate and startup investments, Burch has served on the boards of several organizations including Guggenheim Partners, The Continuum Group and the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

Read his views on business related matters, visit

Sentient AI – A/B Testing

Since the online retail marketing world began, the standard A/B testing has been set in place to try to determine visitors behavior in hopes of improved conversion rates. These standard traditional methods were many times time-consuming and not very effective that even subtle behavior changes were many times unnoticed.

However, the Sentient AI has replaced A/B testing with AI. Retailers can test many variants in a short period of time. And they don’t have to bother the computer developers or engineers many times. They can go into their system with their code to study visitors behavior, make adjustments quickly, and increase conversion rates quickly and efficiently.

The Sentient A/B – AI system is known as Ascend. They provide the following benefits/features guaranteed:

  1. Test more variants faster– ideas can be tested simultaneously to actively discover concepts and combine them for amazingly winning site experiences for the audience.
  2. Test total experiences– the capacity of testing a plethora of ideas among several pages is there to resonate with customers for a better experience and converting into significantly higher rates.
  3. The harness AI power– stats and algorithms are leveraged to evolve into winning site designs.
  4. Users will observe the change in action– the user’s dashboard will show his/her idea combinations to discover which are good and which are not.
  5. Users can obtain designs that adapt to their audience– each visitor will teach Ascend what works and what doesn’t. Then, this system adapts constantly to what works in that moment to allow for better experiences and evolving for better optimization.
  6. Users can start quickly– they can start as quickly and easily as adding a single line of code to pages for testing,
  7. Setting up Massive campaigns can immediately happen– once finish setting up tests, users can preview each change in one browser window before launching.


We are beyond the day of A/B testing with the use of only two variants. There is no need to bother the computer developers or engineers anymore. Users can go into their system with a single code for multiple pages to study visitor’s behavior, make adjustments quickly, and increase conversion rates quickly and efficiently, and more. To stay abreast of the competition, Ascend is the way to go. Contact Sentient today.

Jeff Yastine; The Man Behind Total Wealth Insider

Hacking has become the norm. Previous years have seen movie theaters retailer reporting agencies pay the most significant price for this illegalities. It is the recent most development, however, that caught our eye. The digital hackers hacked the bank this time, yes, you heard me right. They made away with a whopping $31 million stolen from a company known as Tether. The institution is one that deals with the conversion of US dollars to crypto assets for bitcoin brokers.

This hack reminded us why cybersecurity is an uphill task. It showed us how difficult it is to counter attacks from experienced hackers according to Companies have instead come up with a genius way to stop this illegality; allowing hackers into their systems. I know you are thinking of how foolish this idea is, here is the explanation to that ‘crazy’ notion.

Like previously stated, cybersecurity is a challenging task. This ‘let them in’ idea is one grounded in the saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer. By maintaining the enemies more intimate, in this case, hackers, companies are in a position to monitor and control their activities.

The danger is never in the hacker gaining access; the threat is in them having access to critical company data on In this case, the hackers who hacked Tether went undetected for about one month. This new hacker approach will not only help tame hackers but also boost the profits for the said companies.

It was only last year that SEC took two hackers to court for hacking into the computer systems of two renown New York-based law firms. There is some irony in this; it was only recently that SEC ‘S system was hacked. This resulted in the release of confidential information into the public domain. That there, is another reason why you should not turn a blind eye to this ‘let them in’ idea.

Who is Jeff Yastine?
Jeff Yastine edits the Total Wealth Insider. He also, in 2015, worked with Banyan Hill Publishing where he held the editorial director position. It is from this job that he gained experience as a stock market stockholder and as a financial journalist.

Learn more about Jeff Yastine:

Eric Lefkofsky’s Notable Donations to Various Courses within and without Chicago

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is a humanitarian and research oriented organization began be Eric Lefkofsky and his wife. The primary aim of setting up the foundation is to steer forward research on annihilating illnesses such as brain tumors and cancer. They set up serial fund raising events to inject the cash into research projects, technology and medicine needed by patients.

Eric Lefkofsky serves as the chief executive officer of Tempus, a firm that uses technology to fight cancer. He has multiple investments and involvements in research companies and is also a co-founder of Lightbank. Eric’s successful career has earned him several positions with various firms such as Trustee of Lurie Children and the Art Institute of Chicago where he sits on the board. He heads Board of Trustee Chicago as chairman. Eric’s most mundane role is working as a professor as the University of Chicago. His extensive knowledge afforded him a publication for his book Accelerated Disruption, that explains the process of innovation. He is an alumnus of the University of Michigan, where he received a JD from the University of Michigan Law School.

Eric values creating charity events to support his and his organization’s most important courses. Through the Lefkofsky Foundation, Human Rights Watch received $100,000 to advance their mission. The Anti Defamation League also received a generous amount according to the official website report. Other organizations that have benefited from the Lefkofsky’s are Planned Parenthood and Holocaust Museum and Education.

Eric is a huge fan of art and has an active role in supporting the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He organized a $7 million donations to the organization with his foundation’s support. The Chicago Museum received $2.5 million while the Art Institute of Chicago benefited with $1.5 million. Eric’s interest in art is not centered on the major players in the field, as he also offers amounts to smaller practices within Chicago. One of his smaller sized donations was given to the Aspen Art Museum. Eric is also a supporter of dance, theatre, radio stations, the Chicago Botanic Garden and ballet institutions.